Following Direction Freebie Landing Page

In the post, Getting Your Children’s Brains Ready to Learn, I include a Free Printable to get you started with some direction following activities.  You can download that printable here:  Following Direction Freebie.

Following Directions with a White Board: Direction following is so critical to so many activities in life, especially school.  Add in some drawing, coloring, cutting, or some other tactile activity and you have a great activity for “waking up” the brain.  So grab those same small whiteboards you used for visual memory and give your children some directions to write a variety of shapes, numbers, words, or pictures on the board.  Start with just a few details in the direction and then add details as your children have success.  Use the FREE printable to get you started and then get creative and make up some of your own directions!  You can also take turns and have your children give instructions to develop their language skills.  Hint: I look at tanagram cards to give me ideas of what to have the children draw as I have trouble thinking of pictures in terms of parts and shapes!

Use these activities to get your children's brains ready to learn each day.

Following Directions with Paper and Scissors: I have also included in our direction FREEBIE a printable grid with an example of directions to give to cut a shape out of the paper.  This one includes a lot of work with “left” and “right”, which can be a challenge for some children.  You can print the grid as many times as you want and make up some of your own directions to go with it.

Use these activities to get your children's brains ready to learn each day.



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