10 Weeks of Summer Reading with FREE Unit Studies

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Join us for 10 weeks of summer reading for kids and FUN, FREE unit studies! Each Friday during the summer, I will email you one new unit study based upon one or two books that you can use the next week for a fun learning experience.  These are perfect to keep learning alive during the summer, but can also be filed away to use during the school year, too!

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The Books

Our summer reading books will include fiction from the Magic Tree House, I Survived and America’s National Mystery Books series as well as non-fiction from the Who Was…, What Was…, and Where Is books.  One or two books will be recommended for each week’s topic so that you can choose the book(s) that work best for your children.

Children's books including Who Was..., I Survived... and Magic Tree House.

The Unit Studies

The unit studies will be geared toward the elementary school years and will include fun activities to build knowledge and skills in the areas of science, geography, math, history, reading comprehension, writing, language arts music and/or art.  Each unit study will typically take a couple hours to complete, but will also include resources to take your studies further if you would like.

Sign-up at the bottom of this page to receive each Friday’s unit study. As a bonus, a Helen Keller unit study will be emailed to you when you sign-up!  Check out the schedule below so you can put the books on hold at your library or buy them for your home library.

Who Was Helen Keller book, biography notebooking pages, and Braille activity
One of our unit studies based upon Who Was Helen Keller?

The Schedule for 10 Weeks of Summer Reading

June 7th: Who Was Louis Armstrong? and/or Magic Tree House A Good Night for Ghosts
Learn about Louis Armstrong, music and New Orleans with our Louis Armstrong FREE Unit Study.

June 14th: Where is Niagara Falls? and/or The Mystery on the Great Lakes
Study the geography and history of the Great Lakes and learn about how water can be used to create electricity with our Niagara Falls and Great Lakes FREE Unit Study.

June 21st: Magic Tree House Twister on Tuesday and/or I Survived the Joplin Tornado, 2011
Learn about tornadoes and how meteorologists predict the weather with our Tornado FREE Unit Study.

June 28th: Who Was Milton Bradley?
Learn the history of Milton Bradley’s games and make some of your own with the Milton Bradley FREE Unit Study.

July 5th: Week off due to holiday.

July 12th: Who Was Frank Lloyd Wright?
Learn about architecture and how to identify different types.  Use math and drawing skills to design rooms or houses.  Then build models of them if you would like with the Frank Lloyd Wright FREE Unit Study.

July 19th: Magic Tree House Afternoon on the Amazon and/or Where is the Amazon? and/or The Mystery in the Amazon Rain Forest
Learn about the animals, plants and weather in rain forests with the Rainforest FREE Unit Study.

July 26th: Who Was Julia Child?
Get cooking and learn about how chemistry affects cooking with the Julia Child FREE Unit Study!

August 2nd: Magic Tree House Soccer on Sunday and/or Who is Pele?
Learn about soccer as well as Mexican history and culture with the Pelé FREE Unit Study!

August 9th: I Survived The Shark Attacks of 1916 and/or Magic Tree House Shadow of the Shark
Learn about which sharks are most likely to attack and where, shark anatomy and practice creative writing, graphing data, and following directions with the Shark Attacks FREE Unit Study!

August 16th: Week off for vacation.

August 23rd: Where is Our Solar System?
Learn all about the solar system with notebooking pages, a following directions activity, videos and some fun, hands on projects from the Solar System FREE Unit Study!

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