Welcome! This page is your one stop place to learn all about this year's Homeschool Collection from the Homeschool Resource Co.! Let's get started....

Note…this page contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through this link, I will receive a commission. This is how I am compensated for having my products in the Homeschool Collection. 😉

What is the Homeschool Collection?

The Homeschool Collection is a limited time bundle of resources from different contributors you can use throughout your homeschool year to supplement your other learning!  By pooling our resources together, we are able to offer homeschooling families these products at 95% off their regular prices!!!

This year there are TWO DIFFERENT OPTIONS…

The Core Collection: Contains 45 products from 40 different contributors for Math, Science, ELA and History. $35*

The Core+ Collection: Contains everything in the Core Collection PLUS 22 products for electives such as Music and Art. $49*

You can see inside of this Collection with this walkthrough video I did with Melissa Brander from Pocket Homeschool earlier this week.

Take an additional 10% off with the code PBFL.

These Collections END TODAY!

What is in the Homeschool Collection?

I have been sifting through the 67 products in the Core+ Collection and have found at least 26 unit studies!  I have also started to highlight my favorites products by grade level and those lists are at the end of the this page.  You can also check out all the resources yourself by clicking this button…

PBFL's Products in the Collection

We have three bundles in the Collection for a total of 10 products!  The total value of these products is $48.00.

BONUS for Buying Through This Page

We have TWO BONUSES for each person that buys a Homeschool Collection through our link.

1. A chance to win a CUSTOM MINI UNIT STUDY!!

Have you been wishing we would make a unit study about a certain topic, but we never do?   Well now is your chance to have a custom mini unit study made for your family!  Everyone who purchases through our link will be entered in a drawing to win a Custom Mini Unit Study!  The first person drawn will have their unit study completed by August 31.  The 1st runner up will have their unit study done by September 30th and the 2nd runner up will have their unit study done by October 31st. (Drawing will be held on August 4th.)

2. FREE Adventure Through History Unit Studies for the rest of the year!

At the beginning of August, we are launching a new product line of History Unit Studies.  Our first one will be about the Indigenous People of the Southeast.  Purchase through our link and receive a coupon code that will allow you to “purchase” each Adventure Through History Unit Study that launches for the rest of the year for FREE.  This will equal approximately eight FREE unit studies!

**To receive these bonuses, just email us your receipt after you purchase the Homeschool Collection.**

Bonuses From the Homeschool Resource Co.

As of today, August 3rd, you will receive the following two Bonuses when you purchase either Homeschool Collection!

Need some help designing your homeschool for the upcoming year?  Complete the course or just watch the parts you need!

And field trips are a great way to include multi-sensory, fun learning in your homeschool!  This planner will give you all sorts of ideas for making the most of them.

Products by Age Group

Want a more in-depth look at the products in the Collection?  Click the age group of your children below and check them out!

Preschool (12 products in the Core Collection, an additional 8 products in the Core+.)

Elementary (36 products in the Core Collection, an additional 14 products in the Core+.) Since almost every product in the Collections are appropriate for elementary school, I will not be doing a separate post about them.  Make sure you check out all the unit studies, though!

Upper Elementary/Middle School (21 products in the Core Collection, an additional 13 products in the Core+.)

High School (8 products in the Core Collection, an additional 9 products in the Core+.)