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About Us

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When I first started homeschooling 7.5 years ago, I loved ‘peeking’ into other homeschool family’s lives through their blogs.  However, at the time, I didn’t come across any blogging families that were dealing with the special learning challenges that we were dealing with in our home.

I started this community so that families that are supporting ‘different learners’ in their home would have a place to come, get ideas and share ideas about how to better support our different learners.  Many children struggle because they haven’t developed the foundational skills needed to continue to learn and grow in specific areas.  In fact, you may want to get started with these posts to learn more about the foundational skills our children might need to develop still:

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All children, but especially those with learning difficulties, benefit from learning activities that use multiples senses such as visual, auditory and tactile senses.  This allows them to form more connections in their brains and remember the material better.  You can read more about this here.

The goal of Peanut Butter Fish Lessons is to share with other busy homeschool parents and educators the research that I have done about foundational skills and the multi-sensory learning materials I have found or created. I hope you find something here that makes it easier to teach all of your learners, but especially your special ones.

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P.S. Wondering how we got our name Peanut Butter Fish Lessons? Click here.

A Little Bit More About Our Family

When I started homeschooling seven years ago, I had been working as a speech-language therapist for 18 years. My oldest had recently been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and was beginning first grade. And my little guy was a preemie and had struggled with a visual processing disorder since birth.  I hoped I could take what I had learned professionally and apply it at home to give them the individualized learning experiences they needed.

As the boys and I have worked together, we have learned so much about how to support their individual learning needs.  Through trial and error, I have found great curriculum for them and have adapted curriculum as needed.  I also found a love for creating learning materials. Honestly, when our homeschool day has not gone as I had hoped, creating learning materials is my therapy!