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Do you love Black Friday or avoid it like the plague?  I don’t like crowds so I definitely don’t go out to the stores, but I love spending the day in front of my computer with endless coffee finding great deals and getting most of my Christmas shopping done!  Not to mention, adding some new homeschool supplies to our school year at deep discounts.

So, since I am spending my time researching, it makes sense to share with you everything I have found that I think homeschoolers should take a look at to save you some time!  This list covers the best homeschool finds on Amazon.  Check out our Black Friday Curriculum Deals for Homeschoolers for other awesome deals!

HINT: If you want to search for something specific on Amazon, use the drop down menu to the left of the search bar on Amazon to select ‘Deals’ and then you can see if your specific items are on special!

DISCLAIMER: Discounts may change throughout the weekend.  These deals were still going strong at 6am (EST) on 12/2/19.

(Note: This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read our full disclosure.)

Kindle Paperwhite 35% Off

So this is my favorite deal of the weekend! We love the Kindle Paperwhite in our family and have three of them. The great thing about them is you can ONLY READ books on them. No games or apps to distract your children or you for that matter! And they are now waterproof, so that is an extra bonus with kids! My oldest, very competitive son loves to see how many pages he has read and while he has always read a lot, he has been reading even more since he got his Paperwhite. And for my younger son who has visually processing difficulties, it has allowed him to read books as large as Harry Potter by making the font big enough for him to easily track it on the page.

And right now, you receive a $5 ebook credit when you buy!  Feeling pinched this Christmas? You can pay the same price, but spread it over 5 months for only $17/month.

Art Supplies

We love Prismacolor products and there is a HUGE sale (69% off) on their markers right now.  These markers are amazing and you definitely want to check them out!

We have never bought a set of their colored pencils this big, but if you really want ALL the colors, this is a great deal at 67% off.

Math Manipulatives

We love our math balance and right now you can get one for $7.00.  And you may want to check out these Base 10 Math Manipulatives, too, which are 22% off!


Epson Color Printer: This printer is 50% off right now.

Games and Toys

Blokus: This game is great for building strategy and visual processing skills.  50% off right now.

Monopoly: This classic game is 55% off right now.  And Monopoly Jr. is on sale, too!

Balancing Game: This is one of our favorite STEM games at our house! My kids love that it is so hands on. (20% off)

Simon:  This classic game is great for attention, working memory, visualization and listening.  And it is 50% off right now!

Other Cool Stuff

Translator Device: Ok, so this would be a splurge, but it looks so cool!  I would imagine it would be helpful when learning a foreign language and of course, if you will be traveling outside the country it would be great!  It is currently 34% off.

Telescope: Another popular homeschool gift, this one makes a good beginner scope, is highly rated, and is 26% off right now.

Office Supplies

Dry Erase Markers: We use dry erase markers A LOT around here and I have learned the hard way not buy off brands. So I am always excited to see these deeply discounted!


Right now you can take 53% off a 3 month Audible membership.  Many children’s books that we share in our posts are available in Audible and can make your ‘read alouds’ super easy!

Did you find any deals homeschoolers need to know about? Tell us! If I find any more, I will update this post.

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