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Did you know that homeschool curricula is often on sale Black Friday through Cyber Monday?  So, if you have something that just hasn’t been working this year, this is the weekend to replace it!  Or maybe you will be finishing a level in a certain subject over the next month or two and want to buy the next level this weekend to save some money.

The following list of sales is not exhaustive, but it is a list of my favorite deals as we have purchased or tried curricula from all of these companies!

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Music In Our Homeschool

I have shared several times how much I have loved using the State Songs course from Music in Our Homeschool (MIOH) as part of our US Geography study.  All of their courses are 25% off through Tuesday, December 3, using the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2019.  There are so many courses to choose from and you can check them all out here.  You may want to check out their Winter Music Lessons Course or their Music of Christmas Course for a fun way to use them out right away!

Cover for the Music in our homeschool Music Of Christmas CourseProduct cover for Winter Music Lessons for Holidays and Special Days

Speaking of our US Geography study, Crafty Classroom is where I purchased our US State Notebooking Pages that have been a significant part of our study of the US States. The whole store is 25% off Friday, November 29 through Monday, December 2, using the code BLACK25.


We have tried a few different art programs over the years and my older son LOVES Take Time for Art.  Their kits contain just about everything you need to make the projects and have enough WOW factor that they definitely could be a Christmas gift for a child who likes art.  They do not have a Black Friday sale, but when you sign-up for their newsletter, you get 20% off their materials packs so you can make your own Black Friday sale!  Here is a closer look at their Middle Ages Pack.

Cover for Review of Take Time for Art's Middle Ages Curriculum

Beyond the Stick Figure is another art program that we have been working with this school year.  So far we have been working through their drawing classes, but I am excited to try their pen and ink classes after Thanksgiving.  For this weekend, they have bundled ALL of their classes into one Ultimate Bundle that saves you $450 dollars and provides you with a variety of art lessons for a full school year!  You can learn more here.

Sales graphic for Beyond the Stick Figure Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

RightStart Math

We started using RightStart Math a couple years ago with my youngest son who has a math learning disability.  It helped him build his number sense so much and start making progress in math that I ended up switching my older son to it as well.  His first year with the program, he improved his math skills two grade levels!  So needless to say we are in love with this program.  I talk more about it here and here.

Monday morning starting at 5am CST, they have one of their biggest sales of the year.  But, supplies are limited and they will run out of some materials.  So, if you are in need of any of the materials in the next several months, I highly suggest you get online first thing Monday morning!  If you have never used RightStart Math, you can take the placement test here.

RightStart Math Cyber Monday graphic showing 35% off books, 30% off kits, and 25% off manipulatives.

Science and History with Pandia Press

We have purchased both science and history curricula from Pandia Press.  Their entire store will be 15% off Friday, November 29th through Monday, December 2nd.  We our currently using their Physics curriculum and one of their History Odyssey Level 2 curricula and are very happy with them.  I talk about these in Our 6th Grade Homeschool Plan. We also have used their Chemistry curriculum in the past.

1 + 1 + 1 = 1 Shop

When we first started homeschooling, I discovered  the 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 blog and  downloaded all sorts of free literature resources for the early grades.  It was the first homeschool blog I ever read and greatly influenced our homeschooling adventure!  This weekend, they are having a 35% off sale for their entire store!  If you have a preschooler or kindergartner, then you HAVE to check out their store! And, there are also some great geography resources in there for older children.  Sale is through this Monday.

I hope you have found something helpful for your homeschool here!

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