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Christmas Schooling Resources

The month of December is a great time to change things up in your homeschool.  Often burnout has started to set in after the first few months of the school year.  And the holidays in December provide a great way to break the routine and bring the fun back to your homeschool.

Add some Christmas schooling with the resources below, organized by subject.  Your children will thank you! 🙂

Check out this list of Christmas-themed resources organized by subject! You will find everything you need to make your homeschool fun throughout the holiday season!

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English Language Arts

Grab one of these chapter books and have a family read aloud or let your children read on their own.  Want to make sure your children are really working on those comprehension skills?  Download these assignments that can be used with any of the books!

If you choose A Christmas Carol, then grab this Christmas Carol unit study to go along with it!  And you can use the book to kick off a whole study of Charles Dickens that even young children will enjoy.

Poetry is another fun subject that is perfect for Christmas!  This post has links to several Christmas poems for a variety of ages, even high school.  Download our Poetry Notebooking Pages and make a full lesson out of one of the poems.

How about some fun writing prompts for Christmas?  Here is how we have used Elf on the Shelf as a writing prompt instead of in its traditional way.  Or you can grab these Journal Prompts from Writeshop.

Make sure to grab the FREE following directions packet to build language and listening skills, too!

Math in Your Christmas School

Put aside your regular math books and use what you have been learning all year to complete these fun Christmas Math Projects If you have been learning about perimeter, area, and/or volume, then make sure to grab these Task Cards.  And it you want to encourage the entrepreneurial skills in your children check out our Christmas Market Project and Game!

History, Geography, and Culture

Have you ever wondered how and when we started celebrating Christmas or where our different traditions originated?  Check out The History of Celebrating Christmas and complete the coloring booklet with your children.

Christmas is also a great time to learn about other countries!  We have had fun with this Christmas Around the World book and this packet from Halfway Homesteaders.

And it is a good time to remind our children that many people celebrate other holidays during December such as Hanukkah.  We had fun with this unit study a few years ago learning all about Hanukkah!

Science in Your Christmas School

We have always reached out to others for fun Christmas science activities!  Here are 15 great Christmas science projects/experiments to try this holiday season from the Homeschool Resource Room.

Fact Packs and Games

The WOLFe Pack has great Christmas-themed Fact Packs and Games that we have loved using!


Art and Music

While there are many beautiful art projects one can do this time of year, we love doing short drawing tutorials from Art for Kids Hub.  They take no planning and each lasts about 15 min.

We always rely on Music in Our Homeschool for our music lessons.  They have a Music of Christmas Course that is structured to provide several music lessons a year for three years!!

Do you have any Christmas schooling resources you love?  Share them with us and maybe we will add them to this post!