Cover image for Daylight Saving Time Unit Study showing black and white printable pages from the study.

Daylight Saving Time Unit Study

There has been a push lately to end Daylight Saving Time.  Or, to make it permanent! So, I thought it would be interesting for homeschoolers to learn a little more about DST.  You can learn the history behind Daylight Saving Time below, find out how it can be harmful and form an opinion about whether it should stay or go!

Then, write a persuasive essay, learn about time zones, and practice your clock skills.  Make sure to grab the printable portion of the unit study!  This unit study works best for 3rd-5th graders, but parts of it can also be used with younger children or middle schoolers.  The study takes one to two days depending on your kids’ attention spans and how many of the activities you choose to complete.

Download this unit study to learn the history of Daylight Saving Time and why some people want to end it. Complete a fun following direction activity, play games, and write a persuasive essay.

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Watch These Videos

Watch this video to learn the history behind Daylight Saving Time at a global level.  (3:00)

Why we might want to abolish Daylight Saving Time.  (5:00)

Learn More About Daylight Saving Time

Check out to learn many more details about Daylight Saving Time.  There are guided notetaking sheets in the printable packet below to accompany it.  They can be completed as an independent activity or you can use the site as a read aloud and complete a set of notebooking pages as a group.

Should We End Daylight Saving Time?

There has been a big push over the past couple years to stop changing the clocks each spring and fall.  The options are to either end Daylight Saving Time all together or to observe DST year round.  Learn how many people favor each option and the reasons at

If you decide after completing this unit study that you agree we should end DST, you can find a petition to sign at  You can also email your US House Representative and your state’s US Senators.

The Daylight Saving Time FREE Printable Packet

The Printable Unit Study Contains the following:

Guided notetaking sheets to record what you learn about Daylight Saving Time.

Black and white printed guided notebooking pages about Daylight Saving Time.

Following Directions Activity to learn about time zones and practice ‘changing the clocks.’

A Persuasive Essay Prompt with a graphic organizer about whether we should keep or end changing our clocks twice a year.

Printed black and white following directions and writing prompt with graphic organizer.

Download the Unit Study

Hands on Clock Activities

Make a sundial.  In the unit study above, there were references to ‘solar time’.  You can make your own sundial and compare it to a regular clock to check the accuracy of ‘sun time’.

Play clock solitaire.  All you need is a deck of 52 cards!

Play How Fast Can Time Fly?.  This fun game in our shop exposes children to the concept of telling time and fractions. Students practice adding minutes together to see who can reach the designated time first!  Or, sometimes last, depending on the situation card chosen at the beginning of the game!

How Fast Can Time Fly? Game

So now that you have completed the study, what do you think about Daylight Saving Time?