Mega Animal Sorting Mats

Welcome!  If you arrived here from the Summer Early Learning Bundle, then you are in the right place!  Below you can download the Mega Animal Sorting Mats.  These are a fun way for children to organize what they are learning about animals!  Great for ages 4-8, they can be used over and over again.

Cover of Mega Animal Sorting Mats products showing two mats and some matching cards.
But in case you are wondering if these sorting mats are really worth giving away your email address, keeping reading so I can tell you a little bit about them!

Sorting mats are a fun way for children, tweens, and teens to review information they have been learning.  They are basically a mature version of file folder games that are used in the preschool years.  They incorporate pictures AND written facts that students sort based on their knowledge.  Just like the file folder games, there is a correct place for each card.

Show 10 printed mats, both levels for each of the five topics: Classification, Sleeping Habits, Eating Habits, Seasonal Behavior and Biomes.

Sorting Mats allow students to practice active recall or ‘quiz themselves’ without boring worksheets or flashcards. We often think we know information after we learn it a few times.  But then, we get into a situation where we need to remember that information and realize it is a little (or a lot) fuzzy.

Using active recall gives students practice pulling the information they have learned from their memory.  This improves their long-term retention and their ability to retrieve the information whenever they need it.  If students get stuck while completing the sorting mats, they can use the self-checking answer key to see what they missed.

Sorting mats also provide an organizational system where students sort pictures and facts based upon what they have learned in their studies. Many students have trouble organizing what they learn. This makes it hard to make connections between different pieces of information like how an animal’s characteristics are related to the biome it lives in.  It also makes it hard to retrieve information from memory when needed.  Sorting mats help students ‘file’ the information they learn into the right ‘drawers’ in their brains.  Each sorting mat has a specific place for each type of information.

Show Advanced Diurnal mat with three animal pictures, one definition card and the matching sun card laid on it.

If you want to learn even more about sorting mats, click here.  Or download the Mega Set of Animal Sorting Mats for free now…