5 Simple Ways to Help Your Child Follow Directions

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Does your child have difficulty following directions?  Now, I don’t mean the strong-willed child who understands what you said, but wants to exert his or her own independence.  It is his way or the highway!  But, the child who is fairly compliant, but just seems to not understand what you say OR starts to follow a direction and then gets lost in the middle of it.  I personally have one of each!

Now I haven’t quite figured out all the best ways to help the first kind of child, but there are two ways to help this second child who really would like to follow the directions most of the time, but is struggling. One is to modify the environment and the directions given to help her be more successful throughout the day with less frustration.  Two is to strengthen the skills involved in following directions so over time you won’t have to modify the directions and the environment so much and your child will be successful in a variety of situations.

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Join me over on Autism Homeschool Mama for the Equipped: Your Guide to Special Needs Homeschooling blog series where I wrote about both of these ways to help children.

The first post is titled, Five Simple Ways to Help Your Child Follow Directions.  These are five ways to modify the environment or the directions so that your child can be successful following directions and all of you will feel less frustrated throughout the day.

You will learn about the following modifications:

How to Remove Background Noises

The Importance of Getting Your Child’s Full Attention

How to Shorten Directions for Your Child

How to Teach Your Child to Rehearse Directions

How to Write Directions Down for Your Child

If you are are looking for other ways to help your child with his or her listening skills, check out these two articles:

Learn a simple, but powerful activity for improving children's ability to follow directions.Cover for Blog Post Getting Your Children's Brains Ready For Learning




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