Cover for blog post Fall Back into Homeschooling with Grammar Notebooking

Fall Back into Homeschooling with Grammar Notebooking

Are you looking to simplify your homeschool this year?  One way is to combine subjects.  And one easy way to do this is with grammar notebooking!  Grammar notebooking combines copy work and grammar analysis with another subject you are already doing.  Your children simply copy a sentence or two from what they read and then look for particular grammar concepts.  These could range from capitalization and punctuation for younger learners to finding nouns and verbs as children get older.  It can even include finding different types of clauses and sentence diagramming for middle and high schoolers.

Cover for blog post Fall Back into Homeschooling with Grammar Notebooking

I give you all the details about how to use this technique in my post “Fall Back into Homeschooling with Grammar Notebooking” over at In All You DoBut maybe you are wondering why you should even focus on grammar in your homeschool?  I know children wonder this a lot!

Understanding grammar is foundational to writing skills. Have you ever read a sentence that ‘just doesn’t sound right’? Maybe one your child has written? Grammar knowledge allows you to look at that sentence and figure out what is making it sound weird and then improve it. This knowledge also allows one to develop more formal speaking skills that will be needed when communicating in professional situations.

Need Help Getting Started?

Notebooking is a more relaxed approach to learning grammar.  It may leave you feeling that you want a little more structure.  If so, download these FREE  notebooking pages that give your children specific tasks to perform.

Book, King Arthur, and a grammar notebooking page Magic Tree House book with a grammar notebooking page






Download the Pages!!

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