Celebrate 18 holidays in your homeschool this year with the Holiday Handbook!

12 Holiday Fact Packs

12 Holiday Mini Unit Studies

A Handbook that lays it all out for you!

Holiday Handbook cover showing covers of all 24 resources inside of it and highlighting that it is only available until February 5th.

What is the Holiday Handbook?

The Holiday Handbook is a collaboration between Randi Smith from Peanut Butter Fish Lessons and Katie Wolfe from The WOLFe Pack with 24 resources to commemorate 18 different holidays in your homeschool this year.  

Twelve Mini Unit Studies (MUS), twelve Fact Packs (FP), and a Handbook that lays out a schedule for the year for just $24.

Valentine’s Day (MUS, FP)

Presidents’ Day (FP)

Leap Day (FP)

Pi Day (MUS)

St. Patrick’s Day (MUS, FP)

Easter (MUS, FP)

Earth Day (MUS)

Cinco de Mayo (MUS)

Memorial Day (FP)

Flag Day (MUS, FP)

Juneteenth (MUS)

Independence Day (MUS, FP)

Labor Day (MUS)

Patriot Day -9/11 (FP)

Indigenous Peoples Day (FP)

Veteran’s Day (FP)

Thanksgiving (MUS)

Christmas (MUS, FP)

Cover of 12 different holiday unit studies showing the title of each one with some colorful clipart.
12 Fact Pack Covers

The Holiday Mini Unit Studies

Randi’s Mini Unit Studies have become a popular way for families to teach their kids about a specific topic with fun activities.  

They are easy to implement with book recommendations, links to short videos, and a Listening to Learn parents can use to teach the topic.  

Kids love to follow the directions in the Listening to Learn, make crafts and recipes, and complete other fun activities.  

The Holiday Unit Studies bring the same learning activities to help children, grades 2nd-6th, (and their parents!) learn about 12 different holidays this year and why we celebrate them.

Here’s what is included…

Graphic showing notebooking pages and printables with book recommendations and video links to four different holidays.
Graphic showing Listening to learn pages for four different holiday mini unit studies.
Printable extra activities for four of the Holiday Mini Unit Studies.
Graphic showing lists of hands on activities and quizzes for each holiday mini unit study.

The Holiday Fact Packs

Katie’s Fact Packs are designed to teach factual information on a variety of topics and always include reading passages, writing prompts and additional printables that children can complete independently.

Other than printing, there is no prep involved.

The Holiday Fact Packs introduce your 3rd-6th graders to symbols, traditions, and/or the history of each holiday through reading passages, writing prompts, and more.

Here’s what is included…

Graphic showing reading pages from each Holiday Fact Pack.
Graphic showing writing response pages from each Holiday Fact Pack.
Graphic showing vocabulary from each Holiday Fact Pack.
Graphic showing extension pages from each Holiday Fact Pack.

The Holiday Handbook

The “Handbook” portion of the Holiday Handbook gives you a suggested schedule of how to use the 24 resources in the Handbook.  Feel free to follow or create your own schedule!

The Holiday Handbook also contains videos and links to resources for many other holidays throughout the year.

Here’s a peek…

Graphic showing four months of the calendar in the Holiday Handbook.

The 2024 Holiday Handbook is only available for a limited time!

January 29th-February 5th

Twelve Holiday Mini Unit Studies from Peanut Butter Fish Lessons, twelve Fact Packs from The WOLFe Pack, and a twelve month calendar…all to help you commemorate 18 different holidays with your children in 2024.

Holiday Handbook cover showing covers of all 24 resources inside of it and highlighting the cost of $24 at the top.