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The Homeschool Collection is on sale this week and a frequent question I get when it comes to these highly discounted homeschool bundles is “Are there any resources for high school?”  Sometimes I have to say “no”, but this year there are some good ones!  Just the six below are valued at $125.  For an overview of what the Homeschool Collection is, click here.

Homeschool High School: Grading Tool & Transcript Template ($13)

This is a tool every high school homeschool needs!  It includes at automatic grading tool, grade card and transcript templates and an example transcript, which is really helpful!

ACT Introduction ($10)

This is a self-paced class to help students who are preparing to take or retake the ACT.

DNA and All About Bacteria Courses ($50)

This bundle of two courses is what I am most excited about for high schoolers!  These are self-paced courses are taught by Kristin Moon.  In DNA: The Alphabet for Life, students will about how DNA is the carrier of genetic information in all living things.  And the All About Bacteria course will help students investigate the unique features and life cycle of bacteria.  Each of these will take about two weeks to complete and can be used as deep dives during a high school biology course or for an interesting unit study for middle schoolers.

Marine Science Student Edition ($10)

This is a full Marine Biology text with 18 chapters and over 400 pages!  Students will learn about the hydrosphere, waves, tides, the ocean floor, food chains & webs, ocean zones, marine plants and more!

Microscopes Bundle ($12)

Start off your student’s science courses with this pack that teaches about the history of microscopes and types and parts of microscopes. Guided notes to accompany the Incredible World of Microscopes video are included.

General Literature for High School ($30)

This eBook will cover a full year of high school literature.  It guides you through readings such as the War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, and The Chosen by Chaim Potok.  Short stories and two poems are also included.

There are a few others, especially electives, that could be used with high schoolers that I will be covering in my post about resources for middle schoolers.  Head back to our main Homeschool Collection page.