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Sometimes people wonder if they need a curriculum during the preschool years.  I usually answer “not really”. 

The best thing for children to do at this age is to play!  Pretend play and playing out in nature are both important at this age. 

And reading good books will build language skills and will teach your children so much, too.  Throw in some beginning phonics and early math and your children will build a great foundation for learning in their later years.

Below are some great resources to add to your play routines, valued at $170!

Ready for Reading ($37)

I love this because it is an entire beginning phonics curriculum.  It provides you with tons of activities for recognizing and naming the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make, beginning to read simple words by sounding them out, and mastering 20 sight words.

Playdough Learning Mats ($8)

These alphabet playdough mats are perfect to go along with the reading curriculum above.  Not every preschooler is ready to have a pencil in their hand, but they can still learn to make their letters with playdough!  And these mats will show them how and reinforce the phonics they are learning!

Ladybug Activity Pack ($15)

This pack will give your child some math and cutting practice.  They will also practice their letters and work on some visual skills such as matching pictures and putting simple puzzles together.  All with a fun ladybug theme!

Happy Bees Activity Bundle ($17)

This is another pack that will give your child math, cutting , letter, and puzzle practice.  It also has a lot of handwriting practice, which may need to be saved for the future depending on your child’s skills. All with a fun bee theme!

Preschool Literature Pack ($12)

Reading good books to your children, no matter their age, builds their language, grammar, and future reading and writing skills.  Add in some activities based on the books and they will remember even more.  This pack contains activities for Brown Bear, Brown Bear, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, and Make Way for Ducklings.

Storytime Lessons Bundle ($21)

This bundle of story companions has even more activities to build upon Make Way for Ducklings plus activities for the books Frog and Toad are Friends and Blueberries for Sal.

Musik at Home Membership ($49.98…Core+ only.)

Music is also great to add to your child’s preschool education.  You can try this membership for two months as part of the Homeschool Collection!

Beginner Spanish Workbook ($10…Core+ only.)

Preschool children’s brains are wired for learning languages so it is a great time to introduce a second language.  Use some of the activities in this book to teach the numbers 1-10, the color names, and the names of fruits and vegetables.  And then save some of the activities for the early elementary school years.

These are just some of my favorite resources in the Collections for preschoolers!  There are many other resources geared more toward elementary school children, but with sections that would be great for preschoolers!  Head back to our main Homeschool Collection page.