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There are a ton of resources in this year’s Homeschool Collections for the upper elementary and middle school grades.

Below I highlight 14 resources that cover history, English Language Arts and science.  These are valued at over $180.

There are even more resources, especially electives, but these are some of my faves.

50 State Trees Geography and Science Unit Study ($8)

This research packet contains a color photo poster for each state tree as well as a notebooking page with map to make notes and draw about each tree.  A fun way to learn geography and science!

Historical Stories of Survival: Surviving September 11th ($16.50)

This unit study is such a needed resource because there are very few resources out there that do a good job of teaching students about September 11th!  I love that it is literature-based and multi-sensory.  It is very in-depth and allows you spend six weeks reading the I Survived book and learning all about the history of this event.  Start the school year with this study and you have your literature and history planned for the first few weeks!

Girls of American History: 1764 Nez-Perce-Kaya ($9.95)

This is another in-depth, literature-based unit study like the one above.  However, this is based on an American Girl series and students will learn about the Nez-Perce.  This would be a great study to follow the September 11th study above.  Would lead nicely into Indigenous People’s Day in October and Native American Heritage Month in November. 

American Girl Add-on Set ($32.95)

This set of four units is similar to the above unit studies and covers The War of 1812, the Yellow Fever epidemic of New Orleans, Jewish immigrants, and the Vietnam War and equal rights.

Explore Greece Mini Unit Bundle ($37)

This project-based learning study will guide your children through researching Greece.  Literature, games, and memory work are included.

Story Quest Reading Journal Bundle ($10)

This journal allows children to track the books they read in all sorts of different ways including notebooking pages, bingo games, calendars, coloring pages and more!  A great way to track all of your books this coming homeschool year and for years to come!

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Novel Study ($15)

This novel study will guide students through character analysis, literary analysis, vocabulary learning, and writing a book report.  Book club ideas are also included.

Daily Writing Prompts ($8)

My friend, Katie, at The WOLFe Pack has made this fun writing prompts for each day in August.  If you have been enjoying her daily reading comprehension passages, then you will love these!

Lunar STEM Camp ($8)

This is a project based learning opportunity that has students design a habitable lunar home.  Created to do in a group so perfect for a co-op or for your family to do together.

Weather Teaching Kit ($12)

I love that this unit study has three different levels and teaches about weather so explicitly.  Book suggestions, hands on activities, vocabulary work, writing and more are included!


Wetlands Unit Study ($10)

My friend, Melissa, over at Pocket Homeschool created this unit study with reading passages, a book list, a TON of videos, and follow-up activities to learn all about Wetlands.

Owl Pellet Investigation Pack ($8)

Have you ever dissected an owl pellet?  We have and it is a lot of fun.  But I sure wish we had this packet when we did it.  It has a slide presentation about owls, guided notes to go with it, a bone chart, a coloring sheet, a dissection sheet and more!  And if you grab it, I highly recommend the novel, Of a Feather, to go along with it.

Water Cycle Pack ($8.50)

The Water Cycle unit is very similar to the Owl study above.  Start with a slide presentation with guided notes and a graphic organizer.  Then label the water cycle to review what you learned.  This study would go along great with the Wetlands Study above.

Simple Machines Fact Pack ($8)

My friend Katie also put together this Simple Machines Fact Pack. Simple machines were one of my favorite topics in science growing up!  This packet has posters, informational text passages, writing prompts and my favorite…hands on activities!

These are just some of my favorite resources in the Collections for upper elementary and middle school students!  There are many other resources that will be covered in our post for elementary school children.  Head back to our main Homeschool Collection page.