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*We received two years of access to this Online Homeschool Spanish Curriculum and a small fee in exchange for this review of the product.  However, the opinions expressed are solely our own.*

In just 15 months my son will be a high schooler, so I am starting to think ahead to what our high school homeschool will look like.  When I had the chance to review an online homeschool Spanish curriculum designed for students in 7th to 12th grade, I jumped at the chance.  Spanish, or any foreign language for that matter, is not a subject that I feel comfortable teaching on my own.  So I was excited to dig in to the Spanish I Course from Mas Spanish!

Here are my quick pros and cons and then check out below for the details:

Pros: Very experienced instructor
Works with a variety of schedules.
Doesn’t need much involvement from parents.
Uses a variety of methods to learn and review the information.

Possible Con: No live instruction, which some students may benefit from.

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Your Homeschool Spanish Instructor

Your instructor is Katie Beville and she brings years of experience teaching Spanish to the course.  She has been teaching Spanish for 20 years including at high school and college levels and within private and public schools.  She created this homeschool Spanish curriculum to reach homeschool families where they are.

Recorded Classes

Each of the lessons in the course are taught through pre-recorded videos.  This gives the student a lot of flexibility to schedule the lessons in a way that works for them instead of having a certain time and day they need to be present for a live class.  It also makes it easy for students to review information they might have missed or that they just need some more practice with.

However, if you would prefer to have a live back and forth interaction with an instructor and other students, then this would not be the Spanish course for you.

Organization of the Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

The Spanish I Course is well laid out and organized.  It is broken up into 12 units.  Students start with the alphabet so that they can quickly learn to read Spanish.  If you are not familiar with the Spanish language, the vowel sounds stay pretty consistent unlike English.  And many of the consonants are pronounced the same as they are in English. So once you learn the sounds a few of the consonants and each vowel makes, it is pretty easy to sound out Spanish.

After the alphabet, students learn basic conservational phrases, numbers, days, months, years, adjectives, nouns, and pronouns.  The introduction of verbs starts in lesson four so that students can begin to create phrases and sentences.  Common vocabulary is taught through the next eight lessons.  Both oral and written Spanish are included in each of the lessons.  You can learn more about the vocabulary covered in the homeschool Spanish Curriculum here.

Each of the 12 units consists of instructional videos, worksheets, crosswords, other written activities, online games and outside links.  Answer keys are included and there is a review video after each worksheet to explain the answers. Games in apps like Blooket and Gimkit are linked and are a great way for kids to review what they have learned in a fun way.

If you have been following along here on Peanut Butter Fish Lessons for awhile, you know that I am a big advocate of the repetition of information in a variety of ways.  I love that this course combines videos, written work, puzzles, online games and more!

Videos typically range from 5-15 minutes with a few longer ones.  I would estimate the average student would spend about 4 hours on each unit including the worksheets and games.

Length of the Homeschool Spanish Course

The Mas Spanish I course was created to be completed in either one semester or one school year.  To complete in one semester, you would need to do about a unit a week.  If you were dedicating five hours a week to the course, this would be very doable.

If you want to slow down, build in more time for practice and review, then taking a year to complete the course would work well.  You just need to complete a unit every 2-3 weeks and spend about 2-3 hours a week on the course.

Try the Homeschool Spanish Curriculum for FREE

Want to see more of the Homeschool Spanish Curriculum yourself?  You can sign-up here to receive access to Unit 1 and Unit 6 of Mas Spanish Course I.  See what you think and you could even have your kids try it and give their opinion!  If you like it, the cost is normally just $135 for two years of access to the course.  (So no worries if you get off-track and need a little longer than planned to complete it.)  But this spring, Mas Spanish is running a 25% OFF sale!  Just use the code SPRING25 at checkout.

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