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Homeschooling is Way Easier Than Helping with Homework

I have a few friends who have talked about homeschooling their children for various reasons.  The number one reason they decided not to is because they don’t have the patience.  I never really understood this, because I don’t picture myself as the most patient person.  And I am pretty sure if you asked my children, they wouldn’t describe me as a patient person either!

But, when this new school year started, I figured out where this idea comes from.  It was about the second week of school and my facebook feed filled up with posts like these.  “There is no way I am going to make it through homework time this year.”;  “Homework took us three hours and we were both in tears.”; and “Doing homework with this child makes me want to poke my eyeballs out.”  And it dawned on me!  Parents think homeschooling is like helping their children with homework.  That they will  be exhausted, in tears, and wanting to poke their eyeballs out by the end of it!

Well, after 4+ years of homeschooling, I can tell you that homeschooling is way easier than helping your child with homework.  Sure, there are days I am tired and times I want to poke my eyeballs out.  Regular parenting can do that to me, too!  But, overall I am way less frustrated than many parents I hear talking about helping their children with homework. I even had a former homeschooling mom tell me that when she decided to send her kids back to school, she spent the same number of hours in the evenings doing homework with them as she had previously spent homeschooling them!!

So go over to the Homeschooling is…. Series on Multi Taskin’ Mom to read the seven reasons why homeschooling is way easier than helping your children with their homework!

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