Cover of A Christmas Carol FREE Unit Study blog post showing printable notebooking pages, vocabulary cards and book.

A Christmas Carol FREE Unit Study

In 1843, Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol. In Prose. Being a Ghost Story of Christmas or the novella more commonly known as A Christmas Carol. He wrote it in only six weeks, publishing it just six days before Christmas.  It has been a Christmas classic ever since and makes for a wonderful read aloud for children (and adults) of all ages at Christmas.  It can be the perfect addition to your homeschool activities in the month of December!

Pinnable cover to A Christmas Carol FREE Unit Study showing book, vocabulary cards, and printable notebooking pages.

The story is based upon the themes of how we treat the poor and how people can change from being selfish and miserly to engaging with people in positive and meaningful ways.

Anybody who has read Dickens knows his works are full of imagery and other descriptive language.  While this is wonderful to expose children to, you may wonder how young children might attend.  Every child is different, but my (busy!) boys were able to attend when they were just 8 and 9.  Now, did they understand everything?  Probably not, but they followed the story well enough with some explanation on my part.

The Unit Study

One way to keep your children engaged during a read aloud is to keep their hands busy coloring!  So head over to the Homeschooling Through the Holidays Series on Mom For All Seasons and download the FREE unit study to go with the book.  It will give your children A Christmas Carol pictures to color, places to take notes on the book, a writing prompt and other fun activities.

You can check out the different movie variations that have been made and pick one to watch as part of your unit study. (A Venn diagram to compare the book with the movie is included in the FREE unit study.)  Don’t forget to read the history behind A Christmas Carol while you are there, too.  Did Dickens write it just for the money??  Maybe!

Learn More About Dickens

If your children enjoy this unit study, then learn more about the author with our FREE Unit Study on Charles Dickens.