How We Got Our Name

Many ask where the name of our blog came from.  When I was naming the blog, I wanted to reflect our desire to help different learners achieve their full potential. One day, I remembered something my oldest son had said when he was about two.

We were at an aquarium and a few minutes after looking at some jellyfish, he in all seriousness asked “Where are the peanut butter fish?” It took me a minute to even make the connection as to why he was asking that. But looking back at it, that thought was a perfect reflection of his very “if this, then this” way of thinking that can be both a blessing and a curse! That’s when I realized that “peanut butter fish” could be a fun, positive name for different learners. Those that maybe aren’t swimming in the same current as ‘typical fish’ (if there is such a thing as typical!), but yet make perfect sense in their own individual way.

I then added ‘lessons’ to the title because I am a deep believer in learning from every situation in life and nothing has taught me more than my two guys and the different ways they interact with and learn from the world. So, I am the one learning the ‘lessons’ from my own ‘peanut butter fish’!

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