Julia Child FREE Unit Study

This week in our 10 Weeks of Summer Reading series we have a FREE Unit Study about Julia Child.  You will learn about Ms. Child’s life, discover how chemistry affects cooking, learn some French words and have a chance to cook some food!

Grab the book, sign-up to receive the FREE printable unit study and then explore the other resources below!

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The Book about Julia Child

The Julia Child unit study is based upon Who Was Julia Child?  This book shares about Julia’s early life working for the US government during World War II and how she became a famous chef, writer and TV personality.

The Julia Child FREE Printable Unit Study

The printable unit study includes the following:

Notebooking pages about Ms. Child’s life.

A timeline activity to chart her life and work.

Compare and contrast American and French foods.

A following direction activity that shares her world travels.

Printable pages: Facts about Julia Child notebooking page, map with directions, cut-outs for timeline and compare-contrast page.

French vocabulary to learn the names of some foods in FrenchIncludes matching cards to play Go Fish or Memory.

Four recipes that teach about how chemistry affects cooking.

Writing prompt: Finding Your Gift

Frnch food matching cards, Rock Candy instructions, and writing prompt page.

Watch Julia Child

There are many hour long videos from Julia Child’s DVD series on YouTube.  However, if you just want to get a quick feel for what her TV show was like, here is a 10 min. clip of her cooking one of her favorite meals, French Onion Soup.

Here is a short video of her later in life with Jacques Pepin, who was mentioned in the book, on the Martha Stewart show.

Try Some New Foods

Julia Child and her husband loved trying new foods when they were in different countries.  Maybe you can pick a new food you would like to try and find a restaurant that serves that type of food.  Or you could make that food at home!  There are some cookbooks below to get you started.

Chemistry and Cooking

Cooking is a great way to learn about chemistry.  There are a few recipes for doing this in the printable unit study above.  Or you can check out some videos!  Here is a great video for older children (and adults!):

Here is a related video that younger children might find interesting:

Related Books:

The book that started it all:

One of the best rated kids cookbooks on the market.  Perfect for ages 8-12:

An interesting book about chemistry and cooking.  Meant for adults, but information could then be adapted for children.

Tips for Cooking with Children:

Six Skills Children Learn By Cooking8 Stress-Reducing Tips for Cooking with Kids







Let us know how you enjoyed this unit study and if came up with any of your own activities to go with it!

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