Cover to the Learn About Australia in Your Homeschool post showing printable pages from the unit study.

Learn About Australia in Your Homeschool

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Australia is a beautiful country surrounded by oceans and filled with interesting animals, landscapes and people.  Check out all the resources below to learn about Australia and grab the FREE printable portion.

Note: For ideas on how to organize your unit study and see the other 12 countries in this series, visit the Learn Countries of the World page.

Pinnable cover to the Learn About Australia in Your Homeschool post showing printable pages from the unit study.

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Printables to Learn About Australia

The printable portion of the unit study contains Australia Notebooking Pages, a Map Scavenger Hunt, a Following Directions activity, a math activity about Australian currency, Famous People notebooking pages, and book summaries.  Grab all 21 pages below and gain access to the printables from the other 12 unit studies, too!

Printable pages for Australia Unit Study including following directions page with map, people notebooking pages, currency page, map scavenger hunt and Australia notebooking page.

Videos About Australia

This video shares some fun information to learn about Australia.  (13 min.)

This Geography Now! video gives a good overview of Australia.  (10 min.)

Australia has many unique animals that are not found anywhere else in the world.  Learn about them here. (13 min.)

Research More About Australia


Ducksters has a variety of information about Australia including information about the geography, economy, and government of Australia as well as famous Australians with links to learn more about them.  

National Geographic Kids has a slideshow of related pictures, fast facts, the history of Australia and more.

Cool Kid Facts has a narrative version of facts about Australia written in a larger font making it good place for younger children to learn.

Hands On Activities

Make a project based upon the roof of the Sydney Opera House.  Here is one made with white paper plates.  Include this video in your lesson.

Make eucalyptus play dough or eucalpytus scented rice for sensory play.

Make an aboriginal boomerang and learn about the different groups of people referred to as the aborigines.

Check out our Steve Irwin Unit Study to download printables to make a zoo of Australian animals.  This set of animals would be perfect for it:

Draw an Australian animal with these videos from Art Hub for Kids:




Make Australian Food

Start your day with an Aussie Breakfast Fry-UpYou will likely recognize all these foods, but maybe haven’t eaten them altogether.

Here is an easy tuna and chickpea pattie appetizer.

Here is an Aussie Meat Pie for your main meal.

And here is a fun, Australian sweet treat, that almost any age child can make: Fairy Bread!

Famous Australians

Macfarlane Burnet: Research, Video

Rupert Murdoch: Research

Steve Irwin: Research, Who Was Steve Irwin?, Video

        Check out our Steve Irwin Unit Study!

Nicole Kidman: Research 

Keith Urban: Research, Video

Hugh Jackman Research, Video

Ian Thorpe: ResearchVideo

Learn About Australian Music

Find an Australian playlist on your favorite streaming service or listen to this collection of aboriginal music.

And learn about Australian musical instruments with this fun Australia Day Music Lesson!

Non-Fiction Books to Learn About Australia

Fiction Books About Australia

Elementary school:

Middle school:

For more Young Adult books about Australia, check out this list.

Movies About Australia

Storm Boy is based on an Australian novel about a boy who rescued a pelican.  It is available as part of Amazon Prime.

Red Dog is the beginning of series about a dog roaming the outback of Australia.Also available through Amazon Prime.

Oddballis another animal based movie set in Australia.  This time a dog helps protect a penguin sanctuary.

Paper Planes is about a boy preparing for the World Paper Plane Championship.  It is also set in Australia andavailable to rent through Amazon.

"Go to" Australia

Visit a variety of places in Australia with these webcams.

And here are 30+ more virtual tours of Australia for you!

Study the Biomes

Australia contains deserts, oceans, grasslands, and forests so a study of biomes would be an appropriate rabbit trail.

Our Biomes Bundle would be a great place to get started:

What other activities have you used to learn about Australia?  Let us know!

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