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Learn About Cuba in Your Homeschool

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Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean.  Visiting or studying this country is like stepping back in time.  From Old Havana to the old classic cars to the Spanish forts from the 16th and 17th centuries, there is a lot to see here.  They also have some of the healthiest coral reefs in the world.

Check out all the resources below to learn Cuba and grab the FREE printable portion.

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Pinnable cover of Cuba FREE Unit Study showing printable pages.

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Printables to Learn About Cuba

The printable portion of the unit study contains Cuba Notebooking Pages, a Map Scavenger Hunt, a Following Directions activity, a math activity about Cuban currency, Famous People notebooking pages, and book summaries.  Grab all 20 pages below and gain access to the printables from the other 12 unit studies, too!

Printed notebooking pages from the Cuba FREE Unit Study.

Videos About Cuba

This video gives a great overview of the history of Cuba.  (6 min.)

This video gives the history of Havana and includes a tour of Old Havana. (3 min.)

Research More About Cuba


Ducksters has a variety of information about Cuba including information about the geography, economy, and government of Cuba as well as famous Cubans with links to learn more about them.  

National Geographic Kids has a slideshow of related pictures, fast facts, the history of Cuba and more.

Kiddle is another great site with lots of facts about Cuba.

Hands On Activities

Cuba is home to many interesting birds.  The Cuban Tody bird is native to Cuba and the surrounding islands.  Here is a fun way to make your own Tody bird.  Watch this video about many Cuban birds.

Music is an important part of Cuban culture.  You can make these bongo drums and then play along with some Cuban music!

The National Ballet in Cuba is known throughout the world so this cute ballerina craft would be fun to make.  You can watch the Cuban National Ballet perform a dance from Don Quixote here.

Most cars in Cuba are very old and the people there work on them and add different parts to keep them running.  Here is a drawing tutorial to draw on Old Chevy like you might see on the streets of Cuba.  Here you can read more about the classic cars of Cuba.  Or watch this video.

The coral reefs around Cuba are some of the healthiest in the world.  This is due to their isolation from the world and the lack of use of  harmful chemicals in Cuban agriculture.  You can learn more about how the reefs here might be used to save others around the world And here is a video to guide your children through drawing a coral reef.

Make Cuban Food

Cuban food is a blend of African, Spanish and Caribbean flavors.

Cuban picadillo is a simple recipe that can be served with rice and eaten as a main meal.

Arroz con pollo is a one pot chicken and rice dish that can also be served as a main meal.

A Cuban sandwich is made from roasted pork and is a popular Cuban-American food.

Fried sweet plantains make a great side dish or snack.

Try these Cuban shortbread cookies for dessert!

Famous Cubans

Desi Arnaz, actor, musician: Research, Video

Alicia Alonso, ballerina: Research, Video

Fidel CastroResearchVideo

Che Guevera: Research, Video

Gloria EstafanResearchVideo

Jose Canseco: Research, Video

Daisy Fuentes: ResearchVideo

Play Cuban Music

Find a Cuban playlist on your favorite streaming service or listen to this collection from  

Learn Spanish

Spanish is the national language of Cuba.  Rock ‘N Learn has several videos to teach children Spanish vocabulary.

They also have Spanish videos for older students.

There are many videos reading children’s books in Spanish. Here is a set of videos with English and Spanish subtitles.

Duolingo is another free way to learn Spanish.

Non-Fiction Books to Learn About Cuba

Fiction Books About Cuba

Elementary school:

Middle school:

Both of these books were written by Hemingway while he lived in Cuba and could great books to pull a high school student in the study of Cuba.

Movies About Cuba

PBS series, Nature, has an episode about wildlife in Cuba.

Another PBS show, Weekend in Havana, gives you a tour of Havana.

"Go to" Cuba

Enjoy this quick flyover of Cuba.

This site accompanies the Weekend in Havana show above and has some 360 degree tours of parts of Cuba as well as several pictures and information about Cuba.

What other activities have you used to learn about Cuba?  Let us know!

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