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Learn About Egypt in Your Homeschool

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Egypt is considered a cradle of civilization and dates back to at least the 4th millennium BC.  It is full of ancient monuments to explore, including the Great Pyramids.  Most of the country is a desert with coasts along the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Check out all the resources below to learn about Egypt and grab the FREE printable portion.

Note: For ideas on how to organize your unit study and see the other 12 countries in this series, visit the Learn Countries of the World page.

Pinnable cover for Egypt FREE Unit Study post showing six printable notebooking pages.

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Printables to Learn About Egypt

The printable portion of the unit study contains Egypt Notebooking Pages, a Map Scavenger Hunt, a Following Directions activity, a math activity about Egyptian currency, Famous People notebooking pages, and book summaries. Grab all 21 pages below and gain access to the printables from the other 12 unit studies, too!

nine of the printable notebooking pages in the unit study including people notebooking pages, map scavenger hunt, following directions activity, and place notebooking page.

Videos About Egypt

This video gives a great overview of the history of Egypt.  (12 min.)


This video from Travel Kids takes you to visit Egyptian mummies. (7 min.)

To learn about Egypt today, check out this video. (5 min.)

Research More About Egypt

Ducksters has a variety of information to learn about Egypt including information about the geography, economy, and government of Egypt as well as famous Egyptians with links to learn more about them.  You can research more about Ancient Egypt on Ducksters, too.

National Geographic Kids has a slideshow of related pictures, fast facts, the history of Egypt and more.

Cool Kid Facts has a narrative version of facts about ancient Egypt written in a larger font making it good place for younger children to learn.

Hands On Activities

Here are some fun activities including mummifying an apple, building an edible pyramid, and writing your name in hieroglyphs.

Or you can make a pharaoh headdress.

Play an Egyptian board game:

Or draw an Egyptian King and Queen:

Make Egyptian Food

Koshari is a main meal that makes use of many pantry staples.

Shawarma is a beef-based entree that is fairly easy to make at home.

Hummus is popular in Egypt and easy to make.  It is served with pita bread.

For dessert, make Egyptian Sweet Cookies!

Famous Egyptians

Imhotep: Research, Video

Moses: Research, Video

Hatshepsut: Research, Video

Nefertiti: ResearchVideo

Tutankhamuntut: Research, Who Was King Tut?, Video

Ramesses II: Research, Video

Cleopatra: Research, Book, Video

Ptolemy: Research

Play Egyptian Music

Find an Egyptian playlist on your favorite streaming service or listen to this collection from  Or check out this collection of Ancient Egyptian music.

Learn Arabic

Most people who live in Egypt speak Arabic.  Here is a video for older students to learn some basic Arabic.

Learn by listening to a picture book read in Arabic.

Duolingo is another free way to learn Arabic.

Non-Fiction Books to Learn About Egypt

Fiction Books About Egypt

Elementary school:

Middle school:

Movies About Egypt​

PBS series, Egypt’s Golden Empire, has 3 one hour episodes about ancient Egypt that can be viewed on

King Tut: Forgotten Treasure can be viewed with an Amazon Prime membership and is appropriate for all ages.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb is rated PG and can be rented on Amazon.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is also rated PG and available to rent through Amazon.

Or travel to Egypt with Scooby Doo in “Where’s My Mummy?“.

"Go to" Egypt

Download this app and “visit” several places around Egypt!

Visit many places in Egypt in 3D with this site.

Study the Biomes

Most of Egypt is a desert so studying deserts could be a great side unit.  Here is a variety of resources to get you started.

With the Mediterranean Sea to the north and the Red Sea to the east, a study of Egypt could also lead you to study the ocean and sea biome.  Here is a fun, free ocean unit study.  You can also download this app ($3.49) to “experience” diving in the Red Sea.

For a full year of biome studies:

What other activities have you used to learn about Egypt?  Let us know!

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