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Learn World Countries in Your Homeschool

We don’t all have the means to travel the world…but you can learn world countries in your homeschool virtually!

Learn about 13 world countries this year in your homeschool with the unit studies below by virtually traveling to six different continents.

Read books and watch videos, movies and shows from carefully curated lists.  Make dinners with the family showcasing food from each world country you learn about.  Create hands-on projects and complete fun learning activities such as Listening to Learns and Map Scavenger Hunts.  Research different places and people to learn even more about each world country.  And have I mentioned all of this is FREE?

Each unit study takes about 10-15 hours of activities depending on how many activities you include.  Learn 1-2 world countries a month.


Pinnable cover image for Learn Countries of the World page showing four black and white printed different country notebooking pages.

Printables to Learn World Countries…

Download your Passport to get started and gain access to the printables for all 13 country unit studies.

Organize Your World Geography Fun

If you plan on learning about several world countries, I suggest purchasing 3-ring notebooks and dividers for each child.  We put dividers in for each continent and then our kids filed the country-specific printables, recipes and other resources we printed out within the appropriate continent.  This helps kids start to do some big picture organization of where each country is in the world.

How to Schedule Your Country Unit Studies

Prepare ahead of time by picking one or two of the suggested books for the world country you will learn about. Print that country’s printables and gathering materials for the hands-on projects and recipes.

Throughout the study: Read the books you picked as family read alouds or assign them to your children as independent reading.  And play music from the country as you do the activities below.

Week 1: Find the country on a map.  Watch videos about the country you are learning, start making notes on the notebooking page, do a hands-on activity, and complete a fun printable page.

Week 2: Learn about famous people from the country, learn a little of the language and complete another hands-on activity and/or fun printable page.

One evening: Make food from the country for dinner and watch a family movie related to that country.

Optional Week 3: Finish up the books you have been reading and complete a summary sheet for the book(s) you read.  Do an additional hands-on activity and/or printable page for the country.

Review World Countries Throughout the Year

Each unit study will teach your family so much of the culture and geography of that particular country.  After you have done a a few, it is important to go back and review them a little bit so your kids don’t start confusing them in their heads.

You could start each new country by going back and reviewing the ones you already did.  Find each one on the map and see how far away from each they are.  Which ones share a continent?  What are a few similarities and differences that you learned?  Recall the books you read, food you made, and/or shows you watched.

Games are another way to review many countries.  Here are some of the best geography games online.  And if you want to invest in a board game, The World Game is a great one!

The World Countries You Will Learn

Click the country name to check them out and to access the videos and some of the other learning materials.







Democratic Republic of Congo







Want More Countries?

Want to visit more countries?  Check out these bundles of unit studies that are fully downloadable to your computer.  No more visiting a page on our website to find the links!

Product cover showing the covers of five different country studies from Asia. Each cover shows a black and white map and a colored flag for the country.Cover for Europe Unit Studies showing front covers of the five different unit studies with flags and map outlines.Product cover for South America Unit Studies showing printed cover for each country.