Limited Time Freebie Page

Thank you for being a loyal subscriber to Peanut Butter Fish Lessons!  Occasionally, I put FREE printables up here for our subscribers to download for a limited time.  Sometimes, they are products that will be going in our store soon and I want to give them to you for free first.  Other times, they are products I am playing around with and am not sure they are quite done, but know that they will be of value to others in the mean time.  See what you can find here!

Download the Post Reading Assignment Activities for elementary and early middle school.

Print out of worksheet showing 9 different assignments in a 3 by 3 grid that students can choose from.


Grammar Sorting Mats has ended, but can be found in our store:

Sorting mats for types of sentences, verb types, and parts of speech with corresponding cards.

US Presidential Quote Copy Work has ended, but can be found in our store:

George Washington page of copy work

Sample of President and First Lady Person of the Day Cards has ended, but the full product is now available in our store.

Pictures and years of office for first three presidents and their first ladies.

Grammar Notebooking Pages: Module 1 and 2Product Cover for Grammar Notebooking Pages Modules 1 and 2

US Geography Sorting Mats: Southeastern States has ended, but is available in our store.

Southeastern state sorting mats

Marie Curie Notebooking and Activity Pages

Pages in limited time freebie: Marie Curie Notebooking and Activities Pages

Levels 1 and 2 of Fraction Cards has ended and is available in our Fraction Game Bundle in our store.

Four representations of the fraction 1/3


Ultimate Math Fact Flash Card Bundle Freebie has ended.  You may purchase in our store through this link.

Math Fact Flash Cards set up for Memory.