Cover image for April's Following Directions packet showing four printable sets of directions, a black and white drawing of a treehouse and a set of black and white drawings related to a treehouse.

FREE Monthly Following Directions Activity

These Monthly Following Directions packets are a fun way to practice listening skills, build vocabulary, and improve visualization and working memory skills! All of these skills are part of a good foundation for learning and the activities in the resource below help develop all of them.  These packets are what I wished I had when I was working as a speech-language therapist.

What’s in this month’s following directions packet…

April Following Directions Packet: Treehouse contains a treehouse scene and five different sets of directions for your kids to follow to color and add to the scene.  They will love coloring with colored pencils or crayons during this fun hands-on activity.

Target vocabulary includes: left, right, next, above, below, front, horizontal, vertical, and more.  There is a challenging set of directions at the end where your children will be introduced to the concept of conditional directions…”if ________, then _______.”  Not only will your kids will your kids develop their language and listening skills, but they will have fun visualizing a treehouse.

Modifications are suggested in the instructions to make the activity harder or easier depending on the level of your children so this packet can be used with a variety of ages and skill levels!

And if you have preschool children, check out the pictures with simple directions at the end of the packet for a fun following directions activity that gets them moving!  They will be introduced to different vocabulary words related to a treehouse.

First, young children will follow directions to color the pictures.  Then, you will give them directions to place the pictures around your home working on vocabulary such as under, behind, in front of, on top, and next to.  Preschoolers learn best when they move!

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Pinnable cover showing three printable sets of directions and a black and white drawing of a treehouse.


Product cover with title, four printed pages from the packet and colored pencils.Cover for Listening to Learn Presidents packet showing three printed directions and two black and white pictures and four colored pencils.


Cover with the text Listening to Learn and Sorting Mats US Territories and photos of four of the printable pages and one sorting mat with a few cards on top.

Cover of Listening to Learn Solar System with title and pictures of four printable pages with colored pencils.