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Do you feel disorganized in certain areas of your life?

Or do you have several organizational systems, each of which organizes a different aspect of your life, but all together just feels like a big disorganized mess?

Drawing of a messy desk

Maybe you have a calendar on your wall and a calendar on your phone.

Maybe you have a paper to do list and a to do list on your phone and yet, another on your computer.

Maybe you have information stored in a variety of different places and you can’t remember where to start looking for it when you need it.

Or maybe you try to hold too many details in your head and then you feel like you are constantly stressed out and barely keeping up.

All of these descriptions have described me over the past several years and I knew I needed to find a better system.  When I came across an app called Trello, I knew that this could be the tool I would need to create a cohesive system where everything, or at least almost everything, was located in one place all on my phone.  Which, let’s face it, is always with me!

The Solution: An Organized System all on Your Phone

Now, I am sharing that system I created with you. This ebook will have you up and running with a new organization system in just a few hours.  All contained on your phone!

Phone with word organized on it

And for attendees of the A New Year, Your Best Year 2019 Conference for Moms, it is FREE!  So download it today.


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