Our 2nd Grade Homeschool Plans

Each year, I make a grid with all of the subjects we plan on covering for the next school year and then I start filling in what curriculum I think I want to use and notes about where to buy, cost, prep work involved, etc.  This year, I had almost the whole grid for next year filled in by the end of this past school year, which I think is the earliest that has happened!

Some subjects, such as reading and spelling, will be a continuation of the curriculum we already have been using.  For math, we are trying a new curriculum as this continues to be a challenging area for Little Fish. Other subjects, such as Bible, Art, and History we will be using curricula I had become familiar with over the past year or two and was just waiting for the right time to incorporate.

Here is what we are planning on using for 2nd grade with Little Fish.  About half of his subjects, he will learn individually and the rest he will participate with his brother.

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Individual Subjects:

Math: RightStart Math Level B (Note: this is a challenging subject for Little Fish so this corresponds better to 1st grade than 2nd grade.)

Spelling: All About Spelling Level 1 This will be a continuation from 1st grade, as Little Fish has not mastered all of the lessons, yet.

Reading: All About Reading Level 3 We have already started this for the summer and will continue into the school year.  I will also be doing a read aloud each month covering three books for three different authors for a total of nine books.  At this point, the authors I plan on covering are E. B. White, Beverly Cleary, and Roald Dahl.

Grammar: Growing With Grammar 1 I started level one with Big Fish half way through his 1st grade year.  I wanted to let Little Fish’s reading and handwriting skills develop a little more before starting.

Handwriting: We will continue to practice printing by copying various texts related to our subjects such as the poems we study each month, Bible verses and maybe some Spanish.

Computers: Code.org, Course 2  This is a FREE resource!

Subjects grouped with Big Fish, Grade 4:

History: Story of My World, Volume 1.  I plan on expanding on the map work to cover world geography.  Stay tuned on what I come up with for that!

Science: R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey-Chemistry

Art: Take Time for Art, which will be aligned with the chapters of Story of My World and will cover ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and ancient Egypt.

Spanish: Foreign Language For Kids  We already started this at the boys’ request and we love it!

Poetry: I am going to pick nine poems from the Book of Nature Poetry by National Geographic to study in a similar way to this past year’s poetry study.