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Make Awesome Videos and Graphic Designs on Your Phone

When I first started blogging, I knew I needed to learn how to improve the quality of my photos.  But, there were so many things I needed to learn that I put it off.  However, every time I uploaded some photos to my post, I would cringe.  Then, as I learned more about marketing my blog and products, I learned that product videos were quickly becoming THE thing. Now I had to learn video editing, too…sigh.  The overwhelm kept me procrastinating.

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Cringe worthy!
What was I thinking?!





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And, I am so glad I did!  Because during this period of procrastination, I started hearing about Smartphone Marketing School (SMPS).  It kept popping up on podcasts and blog posts so I signed up for some of their free training.  And that’s when I realized that their Basic SMPS Course would teach me everything I needed to know regarding photos and videos. And I would be able to do it all on my phone!

I decided to dedicate a chunk of time this past summer to working through the class and I am almost done! (My perfectionist personality is making the video editing module take a little longer than it really should!)  My marketing images have improved SO MUCH.  (See below.  Way better than those cringe worthy ones, huh?)

Indiana notebooking page
Look at that bright pop!
Booklet with text and pictures colored in about Why Leaves Change Color and Fall.
Taking pictures from different angles.

If you are currently cringing at your photo quality OR you want to quickly make Pinterest pins on your phone OR know you should learn to make product videos, but feel overwhelmed OR want to add some new skills to your Virtual Assistant toolbox, then you will love this class, too!  Here is everything you need to know about it!

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Create Everything on Your Phone

First, I know I already said that you would learn to do everything on your phone, but do you realize the beauty in this?  Picture yourself sitting at your child’s soccer practice, dance lesson, gymnastics class or anywhere else you might find yourself waiting and you edit a bunch of photos you took earlier in the day, make some new pins, and upload them to Pinterest!  Now you don’t have to worry about that when you get home!  Or maybe you are watching football or some other sport with your spouse and you can edit some images, insert text on them, put them together in a slide show and upload it all to Facebook to promote a product you made!

Learn from an Awesome Teacher

Tabitha Carro is your teacher for the course and it feels like she is holding your hand the entire way.  Through short videos, she walks you through each app that you might want to use to create and edit your pictures, designs and videos.  She lays out weekly challenges in the Smartphone Marketing School Facebook group and has you turn in small projects each week.  I need this structure and accountability to work through classes in a timely manner!  And she is super encouraging about everything you turn in and answers any questions you have quickly.

Lifetime Membership

At first, I was just glad to have lifetime membership so I could go back and re-watch tutorials when I was ready to learn new skills or forgot how to do something.  Then, I realized that is also provides me with future videos when new apps and technology come out!  Tabitha uploaded several new videos while I was taking the class to reflect some of the new app features and technology out there.  We all know how fast the technology world changes and this makes lifetime membership priceless!

What You Will Learn

So let me tell you a little of what you will learn:

The Basics – The class starts with cleaning up your phone so that you have the storage space available to do your work.  This includes options for storing your photos and later in the class, how to compress videos so they take up less room on your phone.

Product Photography – Then the class moves on to how take the best photos of your products including lighting, positioning your products, and tips for taking videos.

Photo Editing – Then you move on to photo editing.  Not only has this improved my marketing photos, but my family photos have benefited greatly from this!  And I may or may not ‘fix’ some of my friends’ photos for them on Facebook that I know could be so much better!  (blush) I have found my favorite apps to be Color Story and Snapseed.

Branding – We all know we should be ‘branding’.  It is such a buzzword!  But, are you doing a good job of it?  In the class, you will learn how to pick colors for your brand, load them into apps so you can use them to color your backgrounds or fonts and then create awesome branded images!

Making Pins on Your Phone – Learn the apps you can use for pins!  My favorite is Phonto, but many like Adobe Spark Post.  There is plenty of training on both!  Learning how to use these has been a huge time saver for me! And, um, my pins looking nicer, too.  See below?  (Blush, again.)

Pin showing a football math game, title of the math packet and a footbal math game.
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Writing Video Scripts – Don’t worry if the idea of making videos makes you want to hide under the covers.  Tabitha will walk you through step by step.  There is a whole module dedicated to just writing the script and organizing the steps of your video complete with printable graphic organizers to fill in.

Video Editing – Then, she leads you through how to take the videos and edit them.  She covers both talking head videos and product videos.  And again, this is all on your phone!  I have only made a few videos so far and look forward to going back to these videos and learning more.

Check out one of my videos!

Social Media Strategies – Want to learn how to make GIFs, Instagram stories, videos for IGTV and more?  It is all included!

Enrollment is Open

Enrollment for the class only opens four times a year.  And winter enrollment is open from December 27th – January 17th!

Enroll in Smartphone Marketing School!!

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