Preschool Language and Listening Packet


Welcome!  If you arrived here from the Preschool Summer Learning Bundle, then you are in the right place!  Below you can download the Monthly Following Directions for Preschoolers.

Cover with the text Monthly Following Directions Preschool and pictures of five printables pages with colored pencils.
But in case you are wondering if this packet is really worth giving away your email address, keeping reading so I can tell you a little bit about it!

Language, listening, visualization and working memory skills are all part of a good foundation for learning.  And the activities in this packet help develop all of them!

This packet is based on my 20 years of working as a pediatric speech-language therapist.  Preschool language learners were some of my favorite people I would see each day!  The activities here are very similar to activities we would do together in therapy.  BUT, don’t think these activities are ONLY for children who have some kind of language delay.  ALL children need to learn language, listening, working memory, and visualization skills and why not do so in a fun way!

Because the best part about these activities is your children will have FUN while building these important skills.  They will color fun pictures of objects and actions and then move around the house while following directions with those pictures. Later they will use all the vocabulary they just learned to color and draw on fun picture scenes.

There are 12 months of activities, each one with a different theme and set of vocabulary words.  And there are instructions throughout the packet to help you adapt them to the level your children need.  You can make the activities easier or harder depending on your particular situation.

If you are ready to grab the Monthly Following Directions for Preschoolers, just fill out the form below and then head over to your email inbox to confirm your download.

June’s vocabulary and directions are all about Pool Time!!