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Prime Day Deals for Homeschoolers

Prime Day is here and really should be called Prime Days this year since it is two days long: July 15th and 16th! It is one of those things that sounds great, but can quickly get overwhelming once you try to figure out what is on sale and what you really want to buy.  So, I have done some of that research for you and below are eight deals that homeschooling families should check out!

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And if you are not a prime member, did you know you can try it for FREE for 30 days?  Now is the perfect time for a trial!

Kindle Paperwhite 35% Off

We love the Kindle Paperwhite in our family and have three of them.  The great thing about them is you can ONLY READ books on them.  No games or apps to distract your children or you for that matter!  And they are now waterproof, so that is an extra bonus with kids!  My oldest, very competitive son loves to see how many pages he has read and while he has always read a lot, he has been reading even more since he got his Paperwhite.  And for my younger son who has visually processing difficulties, it has allowed him to read books as large as Harry Potter by making the font big enough for him to easily track it on the page.

And during Prime Day, you can also sign up for 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for FREE!  That means free books!

Copy Paper

I don’t know about you, but we go through a lot of printer paper in our house and I just like to buy a case of it and know it will be months before I need to worry about it again.  For Prime Day, Amazon is taking 20% off their case of 8 reams.  So now is the time to stock up for the coming homeschool year!

HP Laserjet Printer

We don’t have this particular printer, but were very happy with our HP Laserjet until I put an ink cartridge in wrong and can’t print color any more!  Sigh…

HP Deskjet

However, if you are ok with an ink jet printer, this one is only $24 at checkout with a Prime membership!  What??

Balance Ball School Chair

We don’t have this particular chair in our homeschool, but the boys do use a cushion on their chair that serves the same purpose and they will request it when they are having trouble focusing.  At just $15, this is definitely worth checking out!


This microscope is 20% off at checkout and has 5 stars!

Balancing Game

This is one of our favorite STEM games at our house!  My kids love that it is so hands on.

Dry Erase Markers

We use dry erase markers A LOT around here and I have learned the hard way not buy off brands.  So I was excited to see these Expo markers as a Prime Deal and through a pack in my cart.

Did you find any deals homeschoolers need to know about?  Tell us!  If I find any more, I will update this post.

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  1. Jennifer Chen

    Awesome!!! Thanks for putting this together! It’s definitely something I would look forward to. Unfortunately my kids aren’t really at that level for these things and we are stocked on paper. But I hope you do this annually!!!

    1. Randi Smith

      You are welcome! And yes, I will do this each year! 🙂

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