2024 Summer Games Handbook

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This 2024 Summer Games Handbook is a collaboration between Randi Smith from Peanut Butter Fish Lessons and Katie Wolfe of The WOLFe Pack to help your 1st-6th graders learn about the Summer Games happening from July 26 – August 11, 2024.

Two Packs

Five Unit Studies

A Handbook that lays it all out for you!

The Packs from The WOLFe Pack:

Summer Games Fact Pack ($10)

Informational Text Reading Passage and Writing Prompt for twelve summer Olympic sports: Archery, Fencing, Track & Field, Gymnastics, Artistic Swimming (Synchronized Swimming), Road Cycling, Beach Volleyball, Shooting, Swimming, Diving, Equestrian, Trampoline

Each Informational text page includes the sport’s historical origin, Olympic history, a 2024 Olympic update and six comprehension questions. Each writing prompt is available in both standard and primary lines.

Informational Text Reading Passage and Comprehension Questions for six Olympic topics: Olympic Torch, Olympic Rings, Medals, Venues, Podiums, National Anthems

Informational Text Reading Passage and Venn Diagram to compare and contrast: Ancient Olympics and Modern Olympics

Three Levels of Books to choose from: Level A requires no writing, Level B requires minimal writing,Level C requires a lot of writing

Extension Activities include: Medal Count and Analysis from the 2020 Tokyo Games, Medal Tally and Analysis for the Paris 2024 Games, Fun Facts for Past, Current and Future Summer Olympics, Crossword Puzzle

75 Pages

France Pocket Pack ($2)

  • Fast Facts – Reading passage with vocabulary terms
  • Quick Questions – Multiple choice and short answer questions
  • Flag – Description of the flag
  • Language – Short list of common words translated
  • Hello! – Language matching
  • Famous Landmarks– Images and descriptions of a few famous landmarks
  • Missing Landmarks – Complete the missing info regarding each landmark
  • World Geography – Map activity to locate country in the world
  • Regional Geography – Map activity to identify the country’s regions
  • Covering The Capital –  Identify and learn about the capital city
  • Venn Diagram – Compare/contrast with the U.S.A.
  • Report – Complete one-page report to share facts

11 pages

The Unit Studies from Peanut Butter Fish Lessons:

Three Biographical Mini Unit Studies: Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky, and Usain Bolt ($2 each)

Learn about two current Olympians, a retired Olympic athlete and the sports they have dominated…gymnastics, swimming, and track and field.

Start each mini unit study with book, website and video suggestions along with two guided notebooking pages to write down what you learn.

Then, complete a Listening to Learn to learn more information about each athlete and their sport while kids color, draw, and write on a related picture.  A Timeline is next where you cut-out and glue notable events in both the sport and the athlete’s life.

Do a Crossword Puzzle to review vocabulary related to the sport and then try some Hands-on Activities including drawing, building with Legos, making crafts, and giving each sport a try.  Finish up with a Fun Quiz to assess what has been learned.

16 pages each

A City Mini Unit Study: Paris ($2)

Start your Paris Mini Unit Study with a Map Scavenger Hunt. Then, read some of the books suggested and watch the videos and movies about Paris. Use the guided notebooking page to write down what you learn.

Then, complete a Listening to Learn to learn some history, geography, and culture of Paris while your kids color, write and draw on a related picture.  Next, pick some landmarks to learn about using the website and video links on the Landmark Notebooking Pages.  Write down what you learn and color the picture of the landmark.

Complete the Bonus Map Scavenger Hunt to learn where the different events will be held during the Summer Games in Paris and make some Hands-on Activities such as crafts and food related to Paris.  Finish with an Organizer to Plan a Trip to Paris and a Fun Quiz to assess what has been learned.

14 pages

A Country Unit Study: France ($3)

Start your France unit study by watching some videos and reading some fiction and/or non-fiction books from the book list provided and divided by grade level.  Research the children’s websites provided and complete the notebooking pages. Take some virtual tours and watch the suggested TV shows or movies about France.

Then, pull out an atlas or globe and complete the Map Scavenger Hunt and then do the Following Directions activity. Your kids will listen, write, and draw while learning about the history and geography of France.

Follow-up by using the notebooking pages provided to research one or more of the places you learned about. The links to a website and video on each page will help you get started! Notebooking pages with links to sites and videos are also provided for famous people from the country you are learning about.

Then, work in some math with the Currency worksheet and have some Hands-on Fun with the lists of arts, crafts, and recipes about France. Use the playlist provided to listen to some music from the country while you work and then watch some videos to learn the language.

Finally, finish the unit study with a short multiple-choice quiz to see if you remember what you learned!

42 pages.

The 2024 Summer Games Handbook ($2)

The “Handbook” portion of the Summer Games Handbook provides you with a schedule of the events in the Summer Games with a suggested schedule of how to use the resources in the Handbook.  Feel free to follow or create your own!




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