Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Vocabulary Unit

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This Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Vocabulary Unit will help you teach 67 Tier 2 words to your children. (Tier 2 words are used across a variety of subjects.  The more Tier 2 words your children know, the better their reading comprehension will be!  Think of Tier 2 words as POWER words.)

The core of the vocabulary unit is the worksheets for investigating each word. These 67 worksheets each contain a word in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  They ask your child to start by writing the quote from the book where the word is located. Then children answer a leading question to help them predict what the word means. Once the correct definition is written and discussed, students will write synonyms and antonyms of the word and use the word through writing, drawing, or acting.

Additional Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Vocabulary Activities Include:

Chocolate Bars for creating a Word Wall:  One set contains just the word and one set contains the word and definition.  Decide which set you want to use.

Synonym and Antonym Matching Worksheets:  Three different ones, each covering vocabulary from 10 chapters of the book.  Answer keys included.

Crossword Puzzles: Six different puzzles with answer keys.  Each covers five chapters of the book.

Bingo Games: To practice defining each word with a synonym.

Sorting Activities: Sort the words by part of speech or by whether they have a positive or negative connotation.

Assessments: Three quizzes, each covering 10 chapters, and a final vocabulary test.  Answer keys included.

The unit is structured to cover 10-12 words from 5 chapters of the book each week.  It will take about 6-8 weeks to complete, depending on how much time you spend doing follow-up activities.  Kids can complete the Word Detective Sheets on their own or they can be completed as a group.

This Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Vocabulary Unit would be great in a classroom, homeschool, resource room, or speech-language therapy.

139 pages

3rd, 4th, 5th grades

To learn more about teaching children vocabulary based on literature, check out our post Five Tips for Teaching Vocabulary.


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