Countries of the World Europe Unit Studies Volume I



Your children will have so much fun learning about five different countries in Europe with these unit studies!  They are full of fun printables, hands-on projects, videos, books and more.  Learn about Italy, Russia, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. Each unit study takes about 1-3 weeks, depending on whether you work on it every day or just a couple days a week. How many books and projects you decide to complete will also affect the length of the unit study.

Each Europe Unit Study contains…

Start your unit study by watching some videos about the country and reading some fiction and/or non-fiction books from the book list provided and divided by grade level.  Research the children’s websites provided and complete the notebooking pages. Take some virtual tours and watch the suggested TV shows or movies about the country.

Then, pull out an atlas or globe and complete the Map Scavenger Hunt Following Directions activity. Your kids will listen, write, and draw while learning about the history and geography of the country. They won’t even realize they are strengthening their listening skills in the process!

Follow-up by using the notebooking pages provided to research one or more of the places you learned about. The links to a website and video on each page will help you get started! Notebooking pages with links to sites and videos are also provided for famous people from the country you are learning about.

Then, work in some math with the Currency worksheet and have some Hands-on Fun with the lists of arts, crafts, and recipes about each country. Use the playlist provided to listen to some music from the country while you work and then watch some videos to learn the language.

Finally, finish the unit study with a short multiple-choice quiz to see if you remember what you learned!

You and your students will have so much fun ‘traveling Europe’ with these unit studies!

Answer Keys for the Map Scavenger Hunts, Currency worksheets and Quizzes.

*You will receive a pdf for each country of approximately 35 pages that you can access at any time from your computer.

185 Pages

3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th

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