Homeschool Writing Guide



Writing is one of the most challenging skills to develop and this Homeschool Writing Guide is designed to help YOU support your student’s writing development in any writing assignment they encounter in their schoolwork.

It breaks down the seven skills your children need to write well and gives you suggested activities to strengthen those skills.

But your children will still need to complete writing assignments while they strengthen those skills!  That is why the Homeschool Writing Guides also gives you further ideas to support your child’s writing at their current level while they are strengthening their skills.

In addition, the Homeschool Writing Guide gives you seven steps to teach your child how to write and ten different writing prompts that you can use over and over again to practice different genres of writing.

Thirteen graphic organizers in the guide, including a personal narrative organizer, a persuasive essay organizer, two fiction writing organizers, and more, can be printed over and over again as you need them.  These organizers help your children brainstorm and organize their thoughts before they sit down to write.

Finally, a Student Editing Checklist along with a Helper’s Guide to lead your student through the editing checklist in a positive way are included for this crucial step in the writing process.

If you are looking for a way to develop your children’s writing skills, but don’t want to add a whole writing curriculum to already busy schedule, then the Homeschool Writing Guide is for you!

26 pages

Grades 1st-8th


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