Adventures Through History: The Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic



Looking for a fun way to learn about the Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic and the Arctic region?

One that is literature-based and has a variety of activities and learning materials related to the books you read?

A unit study that teaches your children how to place events in time, work with maps and study primary sources, but is also fun?

And you want to be able to tailor the study to your family’s specific needs?

Welcome to our latest Adventures Through History!

These unit studies have been created with homeschooling families in mind and can be used with one child or multiple children.  They are designed specifically for 4th-8th graders, but older and younger children in your family can be included as you see fit.

The Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic unit study will introduce your children to the history of the people of this area as well as several science topics about the tundra, the animals that live there, why the sun does not rise for several days during the winter, and the Northern Lights.

The unit is based on the following two books (The links below are affiliate links.):

Start with Ice Drift by Theodore Taylor.  This adventure story is a work of fiction set in 1868 and inspired by a true story.  Readers will learn a lot about the way the Inuit lived and survived in a challenging environment.

Then read the memoir, Fatty Legs by Margaret-Olemaun Pokiak-Fenton and Christy Jordan-Fenton, which continues the learning about the culture of the Inuit while introducing your kids in an age-appropriate way to the hard truths about the residential schools that existed for indigenous children from the late 1800s through the late 1900s.

Each Adventures Through History study contains Core Activities that are recommended all families complete and several Optional Activities for families to choose from based on what will work best for them.  Even within the Core Activities, ideas about how to adapt them to different needs are suggested.  For example, you may choose to read the book as a read aloud with the whole family or assign the book as independent reading to your children.

Core Activities in the Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic Study

Listening to Learn: The Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic gives you an overview of the history of the indigenous people of this area while your children color and draw on a picture.

Listening to Learn: Baffin Bay gives you an understanding of the geography of the area before you read Ice Drift.

Listening to Learn: Residential Schools gives you an understanding of what the residential school system was before you read Fatty Legs.

Eighteen Vocabulary Cards teach key words your children will need to know to understand the unit and carry over to other history learning.  Crosswords are included to review the words later in the unit.

Notebooking Pages for both books mentioned above with questions you can discuss as a family or have your children use to narrate the book to you or practice their writing skills. (Answer keys included.)

Optional Activities in the Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic Study

The following activities are included in the Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic unit study for your family to choose which will work best.  Different activities might work better for different children in your family.  Pick the ones you want to complete and forget the rest.

Object Studies and Primary Source Document Studies…including journal entries from the journey that inspired Ice Drift.

Crossword Puzzles

Timelines with Events

Hands-on Activities and Projects including crafts, and games.

Notebooking Pages for some of the main tribes that have lived in the Arctic with links to research.

Notebooking Pages to research and draw animals that live in the Arctic.

Lists of related books, videos and movies.

End of Unit Projects

Short Quiz

Materials Needed: The books you have chosen to read, printable pages from this study, internet for doing research.
Optional Materials: Art and craft supplies for projects you may choose to create.

Approximate Time to Complete: About 6 weeks
Number of Pages: 69

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