Listening to Learn US States: Bundle of All 50 States

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Looking for a fun way for your children to learn about US States AND improve their listening and note taking skills at the same time?  Pull out your colored pencils and grab this bundle of listening packets about all 50 states!  Easy to implement in classrooms, resource rooms, speech therapy and homeschools.

This is a bundle of five different Listening to Learn packets, each with 20 sets of following directions that teach you and your children about 10 different states.  That is a total of 100 sets of following directions that cover all 50 different states.

The first set of following directions for each state is called State Map and has you work with a map of the state to learn about 8-10 interesting places. Learn about geographical features such as gorges, plains, islands, coast, and mountains.  Historical facts are incorporated about early settlers, famous people, gold rushes, battlefields, and more. Find out other fun facts about each state and practice following directions with cardinal directions.

The second set of following directions is called State Facts and Symbols and teaches you about the state flag, nickname, abbreviation, symbols and more! State symbols help children learn about the different plants and animals that live in the state as well as agricultural products the state is known for.

Students also work on language concepts such as left/right, north/south/east/west, and above/below.  They have the opportunity to follow directions with these concepts multiple times to improve mastery.  One-step and two-step directions are included.

Instructions are provided to simplify the activity for children working at lower levels and to increase the difficulty for students who need a challenge.

This can be a fun activity to take on road trips to learn an overview of the different states you travel to.  Or use it as part of a year-long study of the United States.

Want to try a sample?  Download the Listening to Learn USA directions that provide a similar activity but about the United States as a whole.

210 pages

3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grades

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