Simple Machines Sorting Mats

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This hands-on sorting activity is perfect for reviewing the six simple machines: levers, inclined planes, screws, wedges, wheels, and pulleys.  Students will review definitions, types, parts and examples of the different simple machines.

These sorting mats can be used to review the information and/or as an end of unit assessment.  An answer key is provided that allows children to check their own work when they are finished.  Suggestions are given to start with smaller chunks of information and then expand the activity as students’ knowledge increases.

Your students will enjoy the colorful photos and you will enjoy using them over and over again.

These sorting mats are great multi-sensory tools as they target all three main learning styles. Auditory learners enjoy categorizing and sorting information. The full color photographs engage the visual learners and the hands on movement of pictures to mats will engage the tactile/kinesthetic learners. Additionally, sorting information into categories helps learners learn how to recognize patterns, which allows them to store information in their brain in an organized manner. This will aid them in their retrieval of the information when needed and help them recognize patterns when presented with new information in the future.

21 pages

3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades

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