The Ultimate US President Bundle

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This bundle contains five popular products:

1. President and First Lady Person of the Day Cards:
This set of 95 daily cards is great to teach your children about each United States president and first lady in just a few minutes a day!

Each card contains the president or first lady’s name, picture, and years in office on the front. On the back is a detailed summary of his or her life, especially the time in office.

Which presidents served in World War II? Who died of food poisoning while in office? Which first lady took over more than a year of her husband’s presidency after he had a stroke? Which first lady had the Japanese cherry trees planted in the nation’s capital? All these answers and so much more is included in these cards.

The 3 x 3 inch cards work well in a calendar display or in any other system you may choose. Directions are included on how to introduce a president and first lady each day and then build the retention of the information presented throughout the month. The cards can also be used as jumping off points to learn more about the person or about different events in the history of the United States.

2. US President Notebooking Pages:
These pages are perfect to use while reading a biography about one of the presidents or while researching a president. There are two pages per president that include their pictures and when they were president. They will allow your children to collect all the information they need to then complete a writing or poster project or deliver a presentation, if desired.

3. US President Copy Work:
These pages are the perfect way for children to practice their printing or cursive writing skills while learning a little about each US president and thinking through the deeper meaning of each quote.

For each president there are two pages. One with the quote in print and one with the same quote in cursive. Each page includes the president’s name and picture.

4. Listening to Learn: US Presidents:

This packet has 30 sets of following directions that teach you and your children about 10 different US presidents all while improving your kids’ listening and note taking skills.

5. US President Sorting Mats:

This fun, hands on activity will allow students to review their knowledge of US presidents. It is also great to assess student knowledge at the end of a unit.

The sorting mats will challenge students to recall the information they have studied and use their critical thinking skills to fill in the information they don’t know. By using both hands as well as their language, visual and critical thinking skills, they will engage their whole brain during this activity.

This set contains sorting mats for all 45 presidents, divided and color coded into sets of five.  Students will sort through the facts and match them to each of the five presidents in that set.  There is a picture of each president and the facts include the years of presidency, party affiliation, job right before becoming president, and state of residence.  There are also four additional facts per president that include information about their childhood, their adult life before and after presidency and major accomplishments during their presidency.

Which president was shot during the revolutionary war?
Who spoke English as a second language?
Who died in office after eating contaminated food?
Which two presidents have been impeached?
And so much more! An answer key is included for students to self-check their work.

Print and prep once and then use for years. Not only great for Presidents’ Day, but can be used all year as part of an American History curriculum.

402 pages
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades

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  1. Kelly Hansford (verified owner)

    This bundle is incredible! My son is currently obsessed with learning about the presidents, and this was a great resource to use! It’s well designed, detailed and fun!

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