US Territories Unit Studies



Journey through five of the US territories with these fun US Territories Unit Studies!  Your children will watch videos, read books, engage in guided research with printable pages, complete hands on projects and more!

These unit studies are also part of our Ultimate US Territories Bundle, which includes Listening to Learn activities and Sorting Mats, too!

US Territories Covered

American Samoa
Puerto Rico
Northern Mariana Islands
US Virgin Islands

Overview of the US Territories

A short Overview of the US Territories has you start by watching a video or two about all 14 US Territories and working with a map.  Parents read a set of directions for their children to color, draw and write on the map of the territories while they learn.

Then, move on to studying each of the territories with the activities below.  A suggested schedule recommending three weeks per territory is included.

Individual US Territories Unit Studies

Start with a list of videos, websites, books, TV shows and movies to help you learn about the territory.

Complete a Notebooking Page while you learn. Two different styles are included.

Use a globe, map, and the internet to complete a Map Scavenger Hunt to learn the geographical features of the territory.

Then, study specific places within the territory with Place Notebooking Pages.  Each page includes a video and research link to get you started.

People Notebooking Pages are also included to help you learn about historic and famous people from each territory.

Then engage in Fun Activities such as making some hands-on projects and recipes, listening to music from each territory, and learning a little bit of the language spoken there.

Book Summaries are included to use with any of the books you chose to read.

End each unit with a short quiz to see what you learned!

Answer Keys for the Map Scavenger Hunts and Quizzes are included.

Review the Territories

Once you complete all of the individual US Territories Unit Studies, return to the Overview of the US Territories you started at the beginning and complete a vocabulary crossword and short quiz.  A writing prompt is also included to encourage your children to think about the current status of the territories and write an opinion piece about whether that staus should change.

*You will receive a pdf for each territory of about 26-28 pages that you can access at any time from your computer.

Grades: 3rd-8th
130 pages

A review from our very similar product, Countries of the World Unit Studies: Europe

Absolutely phenomenal unit studies! These include links to videos, research sites, virtual tours, book suggestions for every grade level, TONS of organizers, mapping with directions, landmarks, and fun activities for each country. This is an incredibly inclusive unit study, I don’t think anything has been forgotten! I cannot wait to use these as we travel the world in our homeschool!” -Christina


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