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This LiSample Pages from Listening Skills Packetstening Packet is part of our post Four Strategies to Strengthen Listening Skills.  It contains the first set of monthly following directions stories: Back to School.



Following directions showing three pages of printed directions and a picture to be colored.


Download the Scarecrows in the Backyard Following Directions Packet and develop your listening skills while creating five different scenes.



Black and white drawing of apple trees with three children picking apples.


Download the Apple Picking Following Directions Packet and have fun creating five different apple picking scenes.




August's Following Directions packet showing three sets of printed directions and a black and white line drawing of a baseball field with children playing baseball.

Download the Take Me Out to the Ballpark Following Directions Packet and have fun creating five different baseball scenes.




Three sets of printable directions and one completed picture of a pond.


Download the Pond Life Following Directions Packet and learn all about ponds and develop listening skills at the same time!



Three sets of printed direcitons and one colored picture.

Download the Staying at Home Following Directions Packet that children can relate to right now.  Practice directions about games, books, puzzles and more!  Direction vocabulary includes top, middle, bottom, left, right and many others.


Printed directions and completed picture of a street scene.


Download the Scavenger Hunt Following Directions Packet and practice directions with a fun street scene.  Direction vocabulary includes left, right, between, above, and many more words!



Use these activities to get your children's brains ready for learning each day. day.

In Getting Your Children’s Brains Ready to Learn, I include a Free Printable to get you started with some direction following activities. You can download that printable here: Following Direction Freebie.



Check out this game for developing working memory, sustained attention, and visual memory skills, plus more!

Print your Multi-Matrix Brain Game data collection and cheat sheet here.




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