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First two pages of booklet Why Do Seasons Change?This Why Do Seasons Change? booklet can be used four times a year to lead your children through a lesson about why the seasons change.  Check out our post How to Study the Seasons in Your Homeschool for more ideas!


Booklet with text and pictures colored in about Why Leaves Change Color and Fall. Check out the Why Do Leaves Change Colors and Fall? booklet, which will walk your children through the answer to these questions. You know they have asked!! For other leaf study ideas, check out 11 Easy Ways to Study Leaves This Fall.



First page in I Survived note taking pages showing places to write title, event, describe what happened along with causes and a picture.

These pages can be used with any I Survived… book. Check out I Survived Books for Your Homeschool for a list of the books to see which ones you can use to study weather and natural disasters, as well as animals.



Hand colored cover of a hiking journal showing two children hiking on a trail.This Hiking Journal is perfect for children who hike even if they are short hikes!  For more ideas about hiking and homeschooling, check out our series on this topic.



Pages from How Does a Seed Grow booklet.This How Does a Seed Grow? booklet will walk you and your children through a variety of activities centered around seeds and the plant life cycle.  Coloring, exploring seeds, getting your hands dirty and fun are all included!  Check out Planting Seeds with kids: 8 Skills They Will Learn for more fun ideas!


Magic Tree House books and weather and natural disaster notebooking pages.

These Weather and Natural Disaster Notebooking Pages work great with the Magic Fact Tracker listed in Learning Weather and Natural Disasters with Magic Tree House books.  They can also be used with other related non-fiction books.


  FREE_Animal_Notebooking_PagesThese Animal Notebooking Pages work great with the Magic Tree House Fact Trackers listed in Learning Animals with Magic Tree House Books. They can also be used with other non-fiction books about animals.



Product Cover for Plant sorting Mats

Looking for a novel way for your children to think about plant classification? Try these hands-on sorting mats. They include pictures of 3 different plants for each plant group. Would be fun to include plant parts found in nature, too!


Ideas for curriculum and materials for teaching your elementary age children chemistry.

In Can You Teach Homeschool Chemistry to Your Elementary Age Children?, I included a Free Printable for you to use to build atoms of the first 18 elements with your children. You can download that printable here: Atom Building Manipulatives.



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