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Should I Buy the Homeschool Grab Bag?

The Homeschool Grab Bag was a new kind of bundle sale introduced in July of 2020 that allowed homeschool families to buy unit studies, curricula, and other resources at 97% off regular retail prices!

Now it is back for the second year to provide you with some fun unit studies, homeschool organizing tools, and even a few full-year curricula to round out your planning for the upcoming school year!

Below I share how the sale works, which two Peanut Butter Fish Lessons products are in the sale, and eight of my favorite resources in the grab bag!

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promotion graphic showing cover of Homeschool Digital Grab Bag with name and 97% off in the text.


How Does the Homeschool Digital Grab Bag Sale Work?

The Homeschool Digital Grab Bag contains 60 products, is valued at over $900 and costs $27.95.  (If you grabbed that $5 coupon this past week in the Teaser Bag, though, your cost will only be $22.95!)


promotion graphic showing cover of Homeschool Digital Grab Bag with name, 60 products, 35+ contributors, and 97% off in the text.

When you purchase the Homeschool Grab Bag,  you will be sent a pdf with links to each of the 60 products organized by subject.  You just choose the ones you want, click the link and then complete the form on the landing page to receive that item for FREE.  If a contributor has more than one product in the grab bag, then you just need to sign-up once and ‘grab’ all their products at one time.

You will have until October 16, 2021 to download all the products.  So you can take your time and grab all of them if you want!

What is Included in the Grab Bags?

Products include printable unit studies, fact cards, coloring books, ebooks, notebooking pages, and more! There are five preschool products and 28 that are appropriate for elementary school.  Fifteen are great for middle schoolers and nine were created for high schoolers.  And finally, ten span a variety of ages, which make them easy to use with the whole family!  There are also four homeschool organizers that work with a variety of ages.  The products cover a variety of subjects from music and art to math and science to language arts and geography to bible and history.

Our Products in the Bag

We have two products in the bag this year.  One is a seven month Biome curriculum for 2nd-5th graders ($20 value).​  It is organized for you to spend one month studying each biome (desert, grasslands, oceans, fresh water, tundra, rain forest, and other forests) by reading books, completing notebook pages, and learning vocabulary.  Sorting mats are included to help children organize what they learn about each biome.  My boys and I had so much fun completing this study when they were younger and we often refer back to what we learned when out in nature, reading books and learning about other subjects.  You can learn more here.

Cover of Biomes Bundle

The other product is our bundle of Countries of the World Sorting Mats ($20 value).  These are great for 3rd-9th graders to learn about and review their knowledge of 65 different countries of world!  Students match the map, flag, capital and major cities, population and size, languages spoken, traditional foods, historical, cultural and geographical facts, currency, type of government and religions observed to each country.  You can learn more about them here.

Both of these products together normally cost more than the entire Homeschool Grab Bag!!  But don’t stop there because here are eight of my other favorite products in the grab bag…

My Favorite Items

I combed through the list of resources and narrowed my favorites down to eight.  I mostly looked at elementary and middle school since those are my boys’ current ages, but there are definitely some good preschool and high school products you will want to check out if you are homeschooling those ages!

Music:  Elementary Music Fun Bundle and Musical Instrument Pages from Music in Our Homeschool ($29 total value).  Ok, so these are technically two separate, but similar products.  If you have been around here for awhile, you know that we love Music in Our Homeschool!  (And if you are new here, trust me you will hear more about them! LOL!)  These printable pages are great and include 220 different instrument pages, copy work for learning the Star-Spangled Banner, flash cards for learning the different types of notes and rests and so much more!  You will use these for years!Five printable pages from Music in Our Homeschool. Three from the Star Spangled Banner printable and two instrument coloring pages with a place for notes.

Art: Artist Mats: Degas, Rembrandt, and Gainsborough by Simple Home Blessings, for 1st-8th grades ($30 total value).  These are actually three separate products, but all follow the same format.  For each artist is a timeline, biography, new art terms to learn, and a few art studies of paintings by the artist.  The art study includes a picture and background of the painting and questions to discuss.

Three art mats from the Edgar Degas study showing pictures and text.

High School Planner:  The 4 Year Plan by My Joy-Filled Life ($50 value) has over 400 pages that you can complete and save on your computer to keep a full record of attendance, credit hours, grades, courses, schedules and more for all four years of high school.  We are one year away from high school so this definitely caught my eye!

Nature Study: Nature Study Journal Notebooking by Productive Homeschooling ($10 value), for all ages, contains over 80 pages that allow you to record weather, seasonal, and living organism observations in a variety of formats.

Several printable pages from the nature study journal showing different ways to record information.

Science: Human Body Unit Study Pack by Create Your Homeschool ($27 value), for all ages, allows your family to study all the important parts of the body in a quick, but in-depth way.  Lots of books, videos, and apps are shared for further learning and there is even a digital escape room to explore with your children!

Science: Food Pairs Stoichiometry by SmartBots Makershop ($17 value) for grades 7th-12.  So this caught my eye because it was unique and I had no idea what the word stoichiometry meant-ha!  (In case, you aren’t familiar with it either, stoichiometry is the part of chemistry that studies the amount of substances that are involved in chemical reactions.)  Don’t let this concept scare you off because this study walks you through some fun problems to gain a better understanding.

Four color printable pages Food Pairs Stoichiometry resource. from the

Language Arts: Anne of Green Gables Study by Wandering Homeschool ($13 value) is for grades 5-12.  While I will probably never get to use this pack since I have two boys, I loved how comprehensive it was.  In addition to vocabulary and comprehension questions for each chapter, it includes art and writing assignments, a cooking activity, a coloring page and a large list of related books.

Four printable black and white pages from Anne of Green Gable Study

History: Presidents Past & Present by The WOLFe Pack ($10 value) for 2nd-8th graders.  I love pretty much everything the The WOLFe Pack makes and these fun president cards are no exception.  They contain lots of good information and I love the look and shape of them.

Three color printed cards for presidents 13-15 with facts and a line drawing of each president.

Grab Bag Sale Dates

Did you see something you loved in here?  Make sure to grab the bag before the sale is over! The Homeschool Digital Grab Bag goes on sale July 8th at 9am CST and continues through July 16th at 11:59pm CST.  And then it is gone forever!!  So don’t delay, go grab your copy now!  And if you have any specific questions about it, ask away… randi@peanutbutterfishlessons.com.

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