Cover image showing nine covers of the different products included in the Homeschool Resource Collection.

Peek Inside the Homeschool Resource Collection

Ad for Homeschool Resource Collection reads 50+ Digital Homeschool Products only $33.99.

The Homeschool Resource Collection is here and I am sharing my Top 12 Resources with you today!

But, first things first…the Homeschool Resource Collection started in 2020 as the Homeschool Digital Grab Bag.  And now it has a new name and a new look!

This collection has 50 different resources from PreK – High School covering a wide array of subjects all for one low price, which is 97% off the retail value of these resources if you were to buy them separately!  But they are only available through July 21st.  So keep reading to see if this collection is right for you!

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How Does the Homeschool Resource Collection Sale Work?

The Homeschool Resource Collection contains 50 products, is valued at over $900.00, and costs just $33.99.

When you purchase the Homeschool Resource Collection,  you will be sent a pdf with links to each of the 50 products organized by subject.  The pdf also lists the products organized by Pre-K, Elementary, Middle School and High School and by who contributed the product. You just choose the resources you want, click the link and you will be taken to the download page.  Unlike past years, all of the downloads are hosted by the Homeschool Resource Collection.  This means you don’t need coupon codes or to figure out where to click on each page to download the product.  It is much more streamlined and super quick to grab the products this time!

You will have until October 22, 2022 to download all the products.  So take your time and grab them all if you want!

Our Products in the Collection

We have three products in the collection this year.  One is our Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Word Detective: A Literature-Based Vocabulary Unit (3rd-5th) $10.​ This resource is a companion to the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book by Roald Dahl. It provides you with 67 high frequency vocabulary words from the book that your child may not have learned, yet. I channeled my inner speech-language therapist into this to make a fun, ‘meaty’ way to learn vocabulary. 🙂 There are worksheets to deep dive into each word to determine its meaning, discuss its synonyms and antonyms, and more. The resource also contains chocolate bar printables with each word to make a word wall, crossword puzzles, bingo games, quizzes, and other activities.

Product cover for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Vocabulary Unit

The second product is our bundle of European Unit Studies (3rd-8th) $15. Learn about Italy, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Germany with these fun unit studies. Each country’s unit study contains links to videos and virtual tours, lists of books about the country, a map scavenger hunt, a following direction activity, notebooking pages with resource links to learn about a variety of places and people, hands-on projects, recipes and more! If you like unit studies, but don’t like all the work involved, then grab these. They will save you over 50 hours of research!

Cover for Europe Unit Studies showing front covers of the five different unit studies with flags and map outlines.

The last product is our bundle of Media Bias Lessons (6th-12th) $10. These 23 lessons will teach your middle and high schoolers all about being good consumers of the news. They will learn what good journalism looks like, how to spot bias in the media, and how to find the facts so they can make up their own minds. Lessons often include videos to watch and many have students dig into the news and get real life experience using what they learn. Crossword puzzles and vocabulary cards are included to support their learning. High schoolers can work independently and then share their findings with an adult. Parents will likely want to join in the lessons with their middle schoolers.

Cover for product Media Bias Lessons showing text, three printable pages from the product, and the front and back of the 'bias' vocabulary card.

The Top Twelve Resources in the Collection

I combed through each of the other resources in the collection and planned on sharing my top ten favorites with you…but it actually turned into a top twelve!  🙂 I looked for products that were ‘meaty’ and unique in some way.  I was especially interested in products that had hands-on activities or made use of videos and/or living books.  And most importantly, they needed to have an element of fun! These twelve resources alone are worth $245 or more than 7x the cost of the whole collection! So here they are in order of grade…

State Songs of the 50 US States Course (All Ages) $40

If you have been around here awhile, you have heard me talk about this course!  We picked it up during a different bundle sale a few years ago and my youngest loved it right away.  Once he went through one state he wanted to keep going!  That year we were learning about one state a week and this course was his favorite part of each week.

New Testament Timeline & Games (All Ages) $12

I always like Grapevine’s activities because they are hands on!  This one has you drawing a timeline of the New Testament, which is a great way to organize it in one’s mind!  The timeline is broken up into 40 short sections.  So you could draw one part a day for 40 days or do multiple sections each day if your children want to keep going.

Alphabet Picture Sound Sort Mats (PreK-K) $19.99

I love these because they remind me so much of our sorting mats.  There is a separate mat and set of object pictures for each letter.  Children decide whether each object starts with the targeted letter or not and put it in the correct place.  I can picture using this resource over and over again.

Number Sense Activities for 1-20 (PreK-1st) $16.50

I talked earlier this week about how important building number sense is and this 304-page bundle of math activities does just that!  There are several different activities that are almost all hands-on.  Children are often matching information instead of writing in a workbook.  Grab some manipulatives to go with these activities and you will have months of math lessons!

Favorite Fairytales Collection from Jen Merckling (PreK-1st) $17

Love, love this collection of five fairy tales told with Read with Me Books.  The former speech-language therapist in me loves the Story Sequence Cards and Story Narration Pages.  Add in the Memory/Matching Games and the Color By Numbers and you have five super fun units for your younger kids!!  When my boys were younger, we learned about one fairly tale a month by getting several versions of it from the library.  I can imagine using each of the fairy tales in the collection over the first two weeks of each month and then spend the rest of the month reading different versions of the fairy tale.  That is five months worth of literature lessons!

Frog and Toad Are Friends (PreK-3rd) $7

This set of 10 lessons has you read from Frog and Toad and then complete activities related to grammar, comprehension, parts of a book, and months/seasons.  Copy work is included, too!  This would add another two weeks of literature lessons to your homeschool.  Then, you could use the ideas from this unit with other books you read throughout the year.

I Can Be Patient Social Skills Story (PreK-3rd) $6

Social stories are great for teaching kids about appropriate responses to situations.  Patience is hard for many children and this story gives children lots of ways to deal with waiting.  It includes follow-up activities to reinforce what was included in the story!  Bonus story included: I Can Be Friends with Everyone.







Insect Characteristics Fact Pack (PreK-4th) $10

I will admit, I almost did not include this in my top 11.  Every bundle sale, I gush about The WOLFe Pack’s resources and I am afraid it is becoming a bit cliché.  LOL!  But, they really are that good and this Insect Pack is just one of two resources from them in the collection. The Insect Pack has fact posters, reading passages with questions, writing assignments, word puzzles, bingo games, vocabulary work and more!!  If you are studying animals this year, this resource will give you a strong foundation for your insect lessons.

The Great Depression Unit Study (3rd -6th) $10

We love to use unit studies and living books to learn about history.  But, those unit studies can take a long time to create!  That’s why I love that this unit study based on Welcome to Kit’s World, 1934 (Part of the American Girl series) is all done for us!  There are 160 pages including a schedule of what to read each day along with all sorts of activities that cover a variety of subjects!  And in case you are can read American Girl books with boys.  My boys have enjoyed a couple!

Draw and Explore Geography: United States (3rd-7th) $14.95

I always like resources that teach in a unique way and this is one of them.  Each lesson takes students through drawing one state on grid paper.  Students will learn the outline of the state as well as landforms and bodies of water specific to that state.  Great addition to a study of US geography.

Resources from Absolute Algebra (5th-8th, 9th-12th) $40

These 13 different activities are fun and would be perfect for taking a day off from regular math lessons.  Or you could use them to start or end math time.  Some contain task cards to solve story problems.  Some are projects such as Create a Sweet City or make a Rational Numbers Paper Chain.  Love it when we can incorporate hands-on activities in middle and high school!







Two Online Conferences (For Parents) $54

If you feel like you are in a rut or you just love to always learn new ideas for your homeschool, there are two conferences included in the bundle.,,Homeschooling Children with Special Needs  and Charlotte Mason Homeschool. Each one has 27 videos that you have lifetime access to. So watch one whenever you feel like you need the inspiration of some homeschool continuing ed!







Do some of these resources sound like they will work great in your homeschool?  Learn about the bonuses you will receive for buying them…


When you buy the Homeschool Resource Collection, you will receive an additional pdf, called ‘Vendor Hall’, that has all sorts of deals and freebies in it!  So don’t forget to check that out, too.

Also, if you buy the Homeschool Resource Collection through our link, just let me know and I will send you a bonus product as a thank you!  Check our email newsletter for details or email me to find out what the bonus product is!   And if you have any specific questions about the Homeschool Resource Collection, ask away…like I said, I have combed through all of the resources:

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