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Should I Buy the Celebrate It! Grab Bag?

The Celebrate It! Grab Bag is part of the Homeschool Grab Bag series of sales that allows homeschool families to buy unit studies, activity packs, and other resources at 96% off regular retail prices!  The Celebrate It! Bag contains resources to commemorate all sorts of special days in your homeschool from the big ones like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter to special months like Black History and Women’s History Months to ‘small’ days like Arbor Day, Johnny Appleseed Day, and World Oceans Day.

Below I share how the sale works, which two Peanut Butter Fish Lessons products are in the sale, and my favorite resources in the grab bag organized by month!

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How Does the Celebrate It! Digital Grab Bag Sale Work?

The Celebrate It! Digital Grab Bag contains 65 products, is valued at over $640 and costs $24.95.


Square ad for Celebrate It! Grab Bag with Text showing name, price of $24.95 and 65+ resources inside.

When you purchase the Celebrate It! Grab Bag,  you will be sent a pdf with links to each of the 65 products organized by holiday.  The e-book also lists the products organized by Pre-K, Elementary, Middle School and High School and by who contributed the product. You just choose the resources you want, click the link and you will be taken to the download page.  Unlike past years, all of the downloads are hosted by Digital Grab Bags.  This means you will not need coupon codes or figure out where to click on each page to download the product.  It is much more streamlined and super quick to grab the products this time!

You will have until March 16, 2022 to download all the products.  So you can take your time and grab all of them if you want!

Our Products in the Bag

We have two products in the bag this year.  One is our Women’s History Sorting Mats ($8 value).​ This set contains sorting mats for 30 women, divided and color coded into sets of five.  The women span several hundred years in history, lived in various areas of the world, and contributed to our world in a variety of ways. There are authors, activists, artists, world leaders, scientists and more! Students match facts about each woman to their mat and then check the answer key to see if they are correct.  Some students like to set a timer and see if they can beat the clock! You can learn more here.

Product cover for Women's History Sorting Mats with title and pictures of two of the sorting mats.

The other product is our bundle of Author Unit Studies ($10 value).  Celebrate and learn about Dr. Seuss, William Shakespeare, and Roald Dahl during their birthday months with these fun unit studies!  They work great for a variety of ages so get the whole family involved.  Each unit study contains the following three sections: Learn About the Author, Explore the Author’s Books, and Create Like the Author.  You can learn more about them here.

Product cover image with orange background, title Author Day Unit Studies and picture of the cover page of the three unit studies included.

My Favorite Items

I combed through the list of resources and picked out which resources I would personally use for each month or season of the year.  Here they are starting with December since there are some great resources you can get started with right away!

December:  Winter Holiday Poetry and Horrible Harry & the Holidaze Book Unit from Differentiated Learning  ($13 total value).  I love how these products support a variety of learners.  The Poetry packet has reading passages to learn about a variety of winter holidays with links to learn more, graphic organizers to record what you have learned, and prompts to write a different kind of poem for each holiday.  The  Book Unit is based upon Horrible Harry & the Holidaze, and contains five different unit studies, one for each holiday covered in the book.  The unit studies target reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing.

Also for December the Christmas Coloring Activity Book from Geez, Gwen! ($8) and the Nativity Activity Book form Wisdom from Heaven ($8) both provide super low-prep (just print and staple) ways to keep your children engaged in learning this month and/or as a way to keep them entertained while you get some Christmas prep done!

Finally, Simple Home Blessings has Gathering Placemats for a few different holidays in this bundle and the first are Nativity-themed ($6).  We love to put learning placemats out at dinner to keep active brains busy and inspire learning and conversation.  The Gathering Placemats do just that with songs, artwork, poems, games and questions.

Product Cover for Christmas Coloring Activity Book Product Cover for Nativity Gathering Placemats Product Cover for Horrible Harry Novel Study Product Cover for Nativity Activity Book







January: The Martin Luther King Jr. Fact Pack by The WOLFe Pack, for 3rd-6th grades ($5 value) contains nine reading passages about Dr. King with related printables.  I have always enjoyed the Fact Packs from The WOLFe Pack!

Product Cover for MLK Fact Pack

February:  For Black History Month there are Thurgood Marshall and Malcom X Study Workbooks by Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland ($10 total value) These have reading comprehensions passages for elementary students and a variety of printable puzzles to review what they learn.  There are also Black History Essay Questions for high schoolers about 15 notable African-Americans by Write Bonnie Rose. ($2 value.)  She also has another fun product for high schoolers for President’s Day or really any time your students have learned about a president: What if the US Presidents Were on Social Media? ($5 value). They allow you to create a social media profile for each president and add 10 posts to their profile!  Finally, there is a Valentine’s Day Online Unit Study from Techie Homeschool Mom ($8 value) and a Valentine’s Devotional from Mom For All Seasons ($16 value).  The latter contains 14 verses with a routine to follow each day to write, explore, act, reflect and share based on the day’s verse.

Product Cover for Malcolm X Work Book Product Cover for Black History Essay Questions

Product Cover for Presidents on Social Media Product Cover for Valentine's Day Online Unit Study






March: Along with our Dr. Seuss Unit Study there is a fun Dr. Seuss Activity Pack from Homeschool & Humor ($10 value) with drawing activities, printables to reenact his stories, word puzzles and more.   The WOLFe Pack has a Pi Day Fact Pack ($3.14 value) with history, geometry, and opportunities to practice using Pi.

Product Cover Pi Day Fact Pack Product Cover for Dr. Seuss Activity Book






April: Homeschool & Humor has a low-prep Easter Coloring Pack ($5 value), which is great for keeping children engaged around this holiday.  There is also a fun Draw and Explore Science: Types of Trees from Write Bonnie Rose ($2 value), which is a fun way to celebrate Arbor Day.  Drawing items found in nature really brings our attention to the details and this resource helps even non-artists draw different trees!  Also, our Shakespeare Unit Study mentioned above is perfect for his birthday on April 23rd.

Product Cover for Easter Coloring Book Product Cover for Draw and Explore Trees






May: I am going to include the patriotic resources here since you can start using them around Memorial Day and then continue through July 4th.  Simple Home Blessings has a set of Americana-themed Gathering Placemats ($6 value) with with songs, artwork, poems, games and questions to inspire learning and conversation.  The WOLFe Pack has a Star Spangled Hymn Study Pack ($5 value) with a variety of ways for children to engage with the song and learn about it.

Product Cover for Americana Gathering Placemats Product Cover for Star Spangled Banner Fact Pack






June: The Father’s Day Coloring Pages from The Fervent Mama provide a quick, low-prep idea to engage your children in some Father’s Day art work. ($5 value).  And you can celebrate World Oceans day with two resources from Write Bonnie Rose ($6 total) by reading, coloring, and tracing ocean animals and plants.  Then, practice active recall with review pages and a fun activity book full of puzzles.

Product Cover for Life in the Oceans Activity Pack Product cover for Life in the Oceans. Product Cover for Father's Day Coloring Book






Summer: The Summer Sail Away Activity Pack from Homeschool & Humor ($10 value) is full of summer-themed puzzles that would be great to print and take on summer road trips.  And, Music in Our Homeschool has included their Rainy Day and Summer Camp Fun for Elementary ($47 value) that provides all sorts of fun resources that can be used any time you need a day off from ‘regular school’.  There are 10 crafts, 7 fun recipes, 5 science experiments, 8 full summer camps (my favorite is the Night at the Museum!) and two book clubs.  This resource alone is worth the cost of the entire Grab Bag!!

Product Cover for Summer Sail Away Activity Kit Product Cover for Rainy Day and Summer Camp Fun






September: The Autumn Nature Journal from Mom for All Seasons ($10 value) is something I had my eye on this past fall and I was excited to see it in the bag.  It contains 56 pages of reading passages, project suggestions, writing prompts and more for 3rd-8th graders to learn all about nature next fall!  There is also a super cute Johnny Appleseed Activity Pack from Heart and Soul Homeschooling ($12 value) with 31 pages of a variety of activities for Pre-k to 2nd grade. All Things Homeschooling included a low-prep Patriot Day study ($10 value) with a reading passage describing the holiday and several related activities.  And don’t forget our Roald Dahl unit study in the Author Day bundle for the 13th of this month.

Product Cover Patriot Day Unit Study Product Cover for Johnny Appleseed Unit Study Product Cover for Autumn Journal






October: The Too Many Pumpkins from Faithfully Teaching at Home ($5 value) provides you with 10 different activities for kindergarteners and 1st graders to learn all about pumpkins.  There are sequencing cards, a pumpkin life cycle activity, and reading, writing and math printables.  International Artists Day is in October and Write Bonnie Rose has included two Art Appreciation packets ($8 total value) with art work, open-ended questions, and room to make notes about each artist.

Product Cover for Too Many Pumpkins Unit Study Product Cover for Art Appreciation Level 1 Product Cover for Art Appreciation Level 2






November: There is a fabulous Thanksgiving Lapbook from A Journey Through Learning ($8 value) that contains a variety of sections to learn about many aspects of Thanksgiving.  I especially like that it busts a few myths about the First Thanksgiving.  The Fervent Mama also provided a low-prep Veterans Day Activity Book ($8 value) to teach children about this important day.

Product Cover for Thanksgiving Lap Book Product Cover for Veterans Day Activity Pack

Grab Bag Sale Dates

Did you see resources you loved in here!?! I know I did! Make sure to grab the bag before the sale is over! The Celebrate It! Digital Grab Bag goes on sale December 6th at 9am CST and continues through December 16th at 11:59pm CST.  And then it is gone forever!!  So don’t delay, go grab your copy now!  And if you have any specific questions about it, ask away…

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