Cover for Stan Lee Unit Study showing book and several of the printable pages.

Stan Lee FREE Unit Study

Stan Lee is considered be the greatest comic book writer of all time.  If you are familiar with the Marvel characters Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, or the X-Men, then you are familiar with Stan Lee.

And if you have children who love comic books or the Marvel movies, then a unit study about Stan Lee is the perfect way to incorporate some fun in your homeschool!

Grab the book, sign-up to receive the FREE printable unit study and then explore the other resources below!

Pinnable cover for Stan Lee Unit Study showing book and five of the printable pages.

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The Book about Stan Lee

The Stan Lee unit study is based upon the book Who Was Stan Lee?, but other biographies about him will work as well.

Learn about his family life and how he started working for Timely Comics as a teenager and took over as editor when he was just 18! Find out about the banning of comic books in the 1950s, which Marvel characters saved his comic books and how difficult it was for Mr. Lee to get started in the movie business.

Third to fifth graders can read this book independently and it is a great read aloud for a variety of ages.

The Stan Lee FREE Printable Unit Study

The printable unit study includes the following:

Notebooking pages about Stan Lee’s life.

A timeline activity to chart his life and work.

Writing Prompt: Write an opinion essay about the Comic Codes Authority.

Word Search: Find Marvel character names.  (Answer key included.)

Notebooking, timeline, and word search pages from Stan Lee Unit Study.

Marvel Movie Study: Use with any Marvel movie.  Have children complete independently or use to lead a family discussion.

Venn Diagram: Compare a Marvel comic book with its movie adaptation.

Blank Comic Book Pages: Five different templates for your children to create their own comic book scenes.

Movie Study printable pages from Stan Lee Unit Study.

Videos about Stan Lee

Learn about Stan Lee’s life while being inspired by fun drawings. (7 min.)

An excerpt from a graduation speech Stan Lee gave in 2017 where he explains how he came up with Spiderman. (4 minutes)

Learn more about Stan Lee at Kiddle.

Draw Marvel Characters

Check out the videos and book below to help your children learn how to draw Marvel characters.

Introduction to How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way (7 minutes)

Art for Kids Hub has several instructional videos to draw some of the Marvel Characters!

Thanos from Infinity War


Captain America

Black Panther

Iron Man




Great book for older children to learn to draw Marvel comics:

Watch a Marvel Movie

There are two pages in the printable portion of the unit study that can be used to discuss and/or write about any Marvel movie you might watch.  Not sure where to start with the Marvel movies?  Many people recommend watching them in the chronological order of when they were set.  You can check out this article to learn the chronological order as well as other tips about watching the movies.

Plan a History Lesson

Comic books give great insight to social issues that society has struggled with at different points in history. You can add them to history lessons for comic book lovers.  For example, look at women’s rights over the last 100 years as reflected in comic books or how World War II was portrayed in comic books in the 1940s.  For more ideas, check out this post from Teaching History.

Create a Stop Motion Movie

Buy some Marvel Lego mini-figures or make some clay superheroes, then download a stop motion app like Stop Motion Studio and make your own Superhero movie! This can be as simple or as complex as your children would like!  Writing a story and creating the scenes for it could become a major school project.

Try these videos to learn how to make clay superheroes: Spiderman, Black Panther, or Captain America.

How else have you used comic books and movies in your homeschool?

Other Resources





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