Thank You! FREE Grammar Sorting Mats

We know you received a lot of Build Your Bundle emails this week! It is a great sale and we didn’t want anyone to miss out.  But, we also have busy, overstuffed inboxes, too, and want to say thank you for your patience with all the emails!

These Grammar Sorting Mats are our thank you gift to you! If your children dislike writing or just want a more hands-on way to learn and practice grammar, these sorting mats are for them! The mats and corresponding cards will allow your kids to practice their knowledge of grammar concepts in a hands-on way as many times as they need to!  They are meant for any children who can read and are working on the skills listed below!

Sorting mats for types of sentences, verb types, and parts of speech with corresponding cards.

Included are:

Is it a Sentence?

Types of Sentences

Subjects and Predicates

Types of Nouns

Types of Verbs

Parts of Speech: Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb

Get the Sorting Mats!

Your kids will love these hands on sorting mats!

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