Free printable title "I am looking for something to do..." with list of activities for kids to do when they are bored.

When Your Child Says “I’m Bored”: A Printable List of Activities

So how many days did you make it into summer break before your child said “I’m bored!”?  Did you make it more than one day? Celebrate!  This year I am hanging a list up on our kitchen wall with activities so that when my children say “I’m bored….”, I can just say “go find something on the list.”  You can print this list out for yourself at the bottom of this post.  They are divided between activities that can be done alone and activities that require some level of adult supervision, depending on the age of your children and how tolerant you are of messes!

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Supplies and Resources

It is helpful to also arm yourself with some supplies and resources.  Here are some items you may want to have on hand and links to ideas for those of us that are creatively challenged at times.

Kid’s Cookbooks

You may want to check our posts about cooking with kids:

Six Skills Children Learn When Cooking

Eight Stress-Reducing Tips for Cooking with Kids

Science Experiments

Or check out our post:

Fun Summer STEM Activities


Our current favorites:

If you need to strengthen a particular skill area, check out these game posts:

Language and Listening Skills

Visual Processing Skills

Math Skills

Art Supplies

Our current favorites:

Here is a large list of other supplies you might want to have: Art For Kids Hub  (This site is also has lots of art tutorial videos your child can watch.)

Craft Ideas

30 Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

DIY Personal Care Products

Bath Bombs


Hard Lotion

Puzzle Books

Some of Our Favorites:

Lego Challenges

From Educating Young Engineers

Or print a Lego Challenge Calendar

Obstacle Courses

25 Super Easy Obstacle Courses

From The Inspired Treehouse


It is nice for children to do something else on the computer besides play games and watch videos!  We like to work on our coding skills on and it is FREE so check it out!

Download the Printable

Free printable list of activities for when your children need to find something to do

This could be a fun activity for your children to do with an adult, too!

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