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Who Was ® …Inventors Book List with FREE Printable

Inventors are inspiring to learn about whether you use them as part of a larger science study or whether you focus your studies on the inventor him or herself.  Our family loves the Who Was ® series of books and I have posted before about some of the books we have enjoyed.  In this post, I organized a list of all of their books to date of inventors.  There are 15 in total!  At the bottom, there are FREE printable bookmarks you can download to take notes on while reading any of these books.

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The Inventors

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Leonardo da Vinci, 1452 -1519

Studying da Vinci could accompany so many studies, including physics, art, and early flying machines.  Grab out FREE Unit Study about da Vinci that goes along with this book!

Galileo Galilei, 1564 -1642

A great book to accompany any type of astronomy or weather unit.

Isaac Newton, 1643 -1727

A perfect book to introduce the study of physics.

Benjamin Franklin, 1706 -1790

While this book is often included in a study of the birth of the United States, it is also perfect as part of a study of electricity, sound or light.

Louis Braille, 1809 – 1852

The story of Louis Braille would fit a unit study about disabilities or communication and could be read along with our Helen Keller unit study.

Milton Bradley, 1836 – 1911

While not necessarily a scientific inventor, Milton Bradley invented many games during his lifetime, which he sold through the Milton Bradley company.  Check out our Milton Bradley FREE unit study, which will inspire your children to invent their own game!

Thomas Edison, 1847 – 1931

With over 1000 patents to Thomas Edison’s name, this book is great for any study of inventors or to accompany a study of electricity.  It would be great to read this with Who Was Nikola Tesla? and compare the two men, their inventions and their lives and to learn about the difference between AC and DC power.

Alexander Graham Bell, 1847 – 1922

Learn about what influenced Alexander Graham Bell to invent the first practical telephone.

Nikola Tesla, 1856 – 1943

If you are studying electricity, this book makes a great companion.  It would be great to read this with Who Was Thomas Edison? and compare the two men, their inventions and their lives and to learn about the difference between AC and DC power.

George Washington Carver, 1860s – 1943

This book would be great when studying botany, gardening or as part of Black History Month.

Henry Ford, 1863 – 1947

Learn about the assembly line and mass production of cars.  Perfect for car lovers in the family!

Marie Curie, 1867 – 1934

A great addition to a chemistry study or as part of Women’s History Month.

Wilbur Wright, 1867 – 1912

Orville Wright, 1871 – 1948

Learn about the beginning of aviation!  Also a fun addition to studying the state of North Carolina.

Albert Einstein, 1879 – 1955

This a great book to use as part of a study of physics, but I might save this one for middle school due the complexity of the theory of relativity and Einstein’s other theories and discoveries.

Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011

A biography all kids can relate to!  Perfect for kids who like coding or just love their tablets and iPhones!

Download the bookmarks below to take notes while you read any of these books.  You could use them for reading comprehension and have your children narrate to you what to write.  Or you could have older children fill them out to give them practice writing and taking notes.

Want to Listen Instead?

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