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5 Keys to Our Homeschooling Life

Have you ever written down the ‘keys’ to your homeschooling?  Maybe why you homeschool, what works best in your homeschool, or what bonds you and your family together during a homeschooling week?

Last year, I had an opportunity to do a guest post on this subject and I am glad I did because now I can refer back to it when things aren’t going so well in our homeschool.  It reminds me of what is important to us as a family and how we can get back on track.  In fact, looking over it right now, I am reminded that we have let field trips slip away a lot this past year.  I am committing to scheduling some more field trips over this coming year as we need to get out of the classroom more.  We sometimes learn more in one day on a field trip than we learn in an entire week of classroom study.

I would encourage you to make a similar list and tuck it away somewhere for when maybe things aren’t going so well and that yellow school bus down at the end of the street is looking really good!  Having these reminders written somewhere can get you back on track in your homeschool.

Notebook with Keys of Our Homeschool list started

But don’t think this has to be a static list.  You may find that something you thought was important in the beginning of your homeschooling journey just isn’t any more.  So change it as you feel the need.  Or you may have the same keys to your homschooling for many years!  This list is for you, so make it work the way you need it to.

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