Frank Lloyd Wright FREE Unit Study

This week, we have a FREE Unit Study about Frank Lloyd Wright. Mr. Wright was the “greatest American architect of all time.”  You will learn all about his life, the buildings he designed, different types of architecture and then have the opportunity to design your own home.

Grab the book, sign-up to receive the FREE printable unit study and then explore the other resources below!

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The Book about Frank Lloyd Wright

The Frank Lloyd Wright unit study is based upon Who Was Frank Lloyd Wright?  This book shares what influenced Mr. Wright in his childhood, different houses and buildings he designed, and about his tumultuous personal life.

The Frank Lloyd Wright FREE Printable Unit Study

The printable unit study includes the following:

Notebooking pages about his life.

A timeline activity to chart his life and the buildings he designed.

Two compare and contrast activities to compare what an architect’s job with a civil engineer’s job and to compare different styles of architecture with each other.

Copy work of some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous quotes.

Frank Lloyd Wright Notebooking Pages, Timeline, Copy Work and Venn Diagram pages

A Design Your Own Home activity that leads you through how to draw out plans for your own house.  This can be as simple or complex an activity as you would like.

Architectural Style Notebooking Pages to research 21 different styles of American architecture with a space to glue different examples of each style.


Design Your Own Home and Styles of Architecture notebooking pages.


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Homes

Check out some of the homes and buildings he designed in these videos.

Designing Buildings to Withstand Earthquakes

We learned in the book a few ways Mr. Wright designed the Imperial Hotel in Japan to withstand earthquakes.  Watch this video to learn more modern methods for building buildings in earthquake prone areas.

Inspiration to Design Your Own Home

Check out home design plans and look at the floor plans to see how architects design houses.

These paper templates for building cities are really fun, too!

Or maybe one of these videos will inspire your children to make their own model home!


Identifying Styles of Architecture

In the printable portion of the unit study, there are notebooking pages for 21 different styles of architecture.  You can start with the links below to familiarize yourself with the different styles.  Then head out for a walk, bike ride or drive and see if you can find different examples in your local community.

DIY Network gallery of Architectural Homestyles

Wikipedia Architecture of the US

Building Toys

In Who Was Frank Lloyd Wright? we learned that as a child he played with Froebel blocks and he also bought his children these blocks.  Here are some blocks similar to the Froebel blocks.

Later in the book, we learned that his son, John Lloyd, worked as an assistant to Frank and also designed Lincoln Logs.  I loved these as a little girl and my boys have enjoyed playing with them.  I had no idea who designed them until now!

Maybe your children will be inspired to be an architect by playing with one of these sets of toys!

Related Activity Books:

These activity books will inspire children while they learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright’s style and architecture in general.

Let us know how you enjoyed this unit study and if came up with any of your own activities to go with it!