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13 Math Games Your Children Will Love to Play

Do you like to sneak learning into your day?  I sure do.  Games are one of the ways we do that in our house.  They are perfect for evening, weekend, and summer learning or you can schedule a game afternoon or day in your homeschool.  Here are some ideas for math games to improve and practice math skills in kindergarten through 4th grade.  The best part about playing math games is they tend to motivate children to use mental math skills rather than relying on paper.

Math Games Children Will Love

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Traditional Board and Card Math Games

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Jr. Monopoly: This is great first math game for children.  It is similar to the older version, but children are working with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 dollar bills only and it doesn’t take as long.  Pre-K to 1st grade.  2-4 players.

Sleeping Queens: This popular card game targets basic addition facts, while children try to wake all of the sleeping queens. K-2nd grade 2-5 players

4 Way Countdown: This game targets addition and subtraction skills and is great for children in the K-2nd grade range.  Players roll dice and then subtract or add the numbers to flip up number tiles on their side of the board.  The most fun part is that the dice are in a popper and who doesn’t like to pop a popper? 2-4 players

Clumsy Thief: This snatching game has two different versions.  The Candy Shop version targets adding to 20 and the original version targets adding to 100.  Great for 1-3rd grade. 2-6 players.

Yahtzee: This classic is great for those in the 1st-4th grade range since it targets sequencing  of numbers, addition and multiplication.  Those at the younger end of the range may need help with their strategy.  2 or more players.

Mille Bornes: If you have someone into car racing in your family, they will enjoy this card game.  The goal is to be the first one to travel exactly 1000 miles so children will practice their addition skills while making 1000. 2-3 players.

Monopoly: Another classic game that allows players to practice their multiplication and multi-digit addition and subtraction skills while paying other players and making change.  Meant for ages 8 and up. 2-8 players

Zeus on the Loose: This card game based on Greek mythology requires children to add numbers until they reach multiples of 10.  Ages 8 and up, although a younger player could play with help.  2-5 players

Prime Climb: While most of the games listed here appear to have another goal than just practicing math skills, this one is full-on math!  It will help children practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills, which makes it great for 3rd grade and up.  2-4 players.

Even Steven’s Odd:  Allows children to practice addition, subtraction, even/odd numbers and following patterns.  There are two levels of difficulty and it is appropriate for the 1st-4th grade.  It is somewhat similar to Yahtzee.  2-4 players

Sum Swamp: This is another mathy game, but kids love it!  It targets addition and subtraction practice and is great for K-3rd grade.  2-4 players

Tenzi: In its simplest form, this dice game will help younger children recognize number patterns on dice.  However, if you get creative and/or buy the Card Set to go with it, then the variety of math skills you can target is almost limitless! Created for ages 7-97 and 2-4 players


Game Hint: Have your child keep score for any board or card game that requires that score be kept, such as Scrabble or Rummy.  This way they will practice their addition skills and may not realize it!

Low Cost Printable Math Games

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Does your family have a favorite math game that you did not see listed here?  Please let us know below!

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